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Digisonics Takes Action to Support Healthcare Needs During COVID-19

Digisonics provides remote reading software and other tools to aid healthcare facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Remote reading capabilities for providers has become increasingly important as we adjust to the new normal. Digisonics has taken action to ensure their service availability in order positively impact healthcare facilities workflow, improve overall patient care, and limit potential exposure to frontline workers.

As frontline clinical teams battle to overcome the COVID-19 challenge, the healthcare industry strives to establish processes and procedures that prevent or reduce exposure to this population. Digisonics aids in this initiative by offering clients remote reading software at no cost so providers can read imaging studies anywhere with an internet connection. These remote reading solutions limit exposure by decreasing time at the hospital/office while keeping up with increasing exam volumes.

Ultrasound and other imaging procedures can have an important role with COVID-19 patients, both for fast diagnosis and the development of treatment strategies. Digisonics offers billing using the new COVID-19 codes, new study types, indications and report templates for fast generation of reports and export to the EMR, and department reports to track the volume and turnaround times for all imaging procedures as well as for COVID-19 patients.

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