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American artist Mateo Blanco to present “July 4, 2020”

New art piece to represent Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness


ORLANDO, Fla. (June 29, 2020) – As our country faces a global pandemic and the cries of a nation divided, the need for hope and happiness is greater than ever before. Renowned artist and proud American Mateo Blanco has heard this call and is making a stand for unity through his art.

Blanco has created “July 4, 2020,” a portrayal of the American flag made using his own clothing. Each of the iconic colors making up the flag not only has meaning to this country, but to Blanco personally.

The white fabric was made from a shirt he often wore while studying at Florida Atlantic University, as he worked hard to not only gain knowledge but wisdom too. The red stripes are created from his lucky interview shirt, something he typically wore while spreading his art and message with others. The blue swatch was from his favorite blue workout shirt he wore when trying to get healthy.

All fabrics and colors used in this piece represent Blanco putting his best foot forward, which is exactly what he’s encouraging all other Americans to try.

“As a principle, everything I do is through love and happiness,” said Blanco. “But right now, everywhere I look in my beloved country, I see pain – we are separated. In order to overcome our struggles, we must individually put our best selves forward and unite as a nation.”

And just as George Washington reached out to Betsy Ross to create the first American flag, Blanco called on the help of fashion designer Maria Teresa Jimenez. Jimenez assisted Blanco in sewing the pieces of fabric together to make “July 4, 2020.”

This isn’t the first time Blanco has used fabric in his art. He’s also created “Coat of Many Colors,” a portrait of Dolly Parton and “Joseph, Coat of Many Colors,” a tribute to Jewish history. In fact, Blanco is known for his whimsical use of unusual mediums like Smarties, Cheetos and peanuts.

Blanco shared, “Typically, my work is light-hearted and fun. I create my art to spread joy. However, for ‘July 4, 2020,’ I knew I needed to use my platform to share a big message. We must come together and make changes as a united country.”

Although “July 4, 2020” was created this year, its inspiration goes all the back to 1950s. After admiring Jasper John’s “Flag” painting, Blanco realized while this was a beautiful representation of America in the past, it wasn’t reflective of the society we’re currently living in. Blanco immediately got to work to create a modern representation of this famous piece, giving it his own unique twist.

“July 4, 2020” was first showcased virtually at a National Association of Latino Healthcare Executives meeting. NALHE’s mission is to promote health equity in Latino communities by increasing Latino representation in health systems and encourage younger generations of Latinos to pursue their passions in the healthcare industry. Blanco supports NALHE’s mission and believes organizations like this can ignite positive change for all Americans.

If you’re interested in purchasing “July 4, 2020,” Rosenbaum Contemporary in Boca Raton is currently accepting offers for the piece.

About Mateo Blanco

Mateo Blanco stands out for using unusual materials to create works of art, which have captured the attention of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! His art is sold at ArtSpace Virginia Miller Galleries in Coral Gables, Rosenbaum Contemporary in Boca Raton, Jane’s Art Center in New Smyrna Beach and some pieces have been displayed at Disney Springs and Aloft Hotel in downtown Orlando. Blanco was born in Miami in September 1981. Blanco is also a talented opera singer. He sang a birthday celebration for President George H.W. Bush. For more information or inquiries, visit his Instagram mateoblancoart.

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