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Exclusive Babe Ruth Video Highlights New York Sports Tours’ Return With Virtual Tour June 25

100th Anniversary Of Bambino’s First Yankees Season Highlighted In Live Dinner Event Featuring Unique Stories, Videos, Research


For two years, New York Sports Tours has brought New York sports history to life for guests through one-of-a-kind luxury sports tour experiences. And while fans can’t board the minibus and zip around the city in person, they can participate worldwide in the unique New York Sports Tours Virtual Tour Experience on Thursday, June 25, beginning at 6 p.m. ET.

The special event will feature a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Babe Ruth’s initial season with the Yankees and exclusive content from Babe Ruth Day on April 27, 1947. The only known film version of Ruth’s speech at the ceremony—which includes his immortal line, “The only real game I think in the world, baseball”—will be part of the New York Sports Tours Virtual Tour Experience.

Further commemorating the June 25 experience is special guest Larry Cutler, who was a teenaged Bronx baseball standout when he was selected to introduce Ruth at the Babe Ruth Day event in front of a packed Yankee Stadium crowd. Cutler, now living in Colorado, will discuss his thoughts from that day, tell his Yankees story publicly for the first time, and field questions. In addition, an exclusive film reel of Cutler’s full Babe Ruth Day speech will be presented, and seen by Cutler for the first time.

“While the COVID-19 quarantine has prevented us from running the New York Sports Tours outings in person, we are excited to present a virtual outing with the types of original stories, exclusive videos and exhaustive research that are our hallmarks,” said Jordan Sprechman, founder of New York Sports Tours. “Larry Cutler’s story of his unique connection to Babe Ruth adds to the one-of-a-kind nature of our tour experiences, and is a great way to help celebrate the centennial of the Big Bam’s first year in pinstripes.”

Tickets for the one-hour video conference session are $19.20 each, and available in limited number at The experience is co-hosted by Cisco Webex Events.

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New York Sports Tours owns and operates a celebrated multimedia sports history tour experience in Manhattan and produces sports documentaries and other original sports content. The company was founded to preserve and bring to life the history of sports in Greater New York and to share entertaining stories of the people, places and events that have, through sports, helped shape culture and society in the region and beyond. For information about reservations, contact Edie Alexander at or 212-244-1132.

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