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pValue announces launch of Certiverse online test development platform

pValue’s innovative model enables community experts to develop high-quality exams in a virtual environment


Chicago, Illinois, June 17, 2020 - pValue Inc., a visionary startup in the certification testing industry, today announced the name and initial launch of their proprietary platform Certiverse. This one-of-a-kind online system connects community experts with test sponsors and allows the entire exam development process to be conducted in a virtual environment.

Certiverse is the latest groundbreaking testing concept from Ruben A. Garcia (CEO), who in 2008 started cutting-edge remote proctoring solutions provider Innovative Exams, which was then acquired by PSI.

“We envisioned this product a year ago and have only seen the need for it grow,” said Garcia. “Certiverse was created to remove barriers, and as exam sponsors and test-takers are facing even more obstacles, we’re uniquely able to help them navigate this new world.”

Built by a team with decades of testing experience, Certiverse removes time-consuming and expensive elements from the traditional exam development model. Because this sometimes years-long process requires travel and in-person meetings for subject matter experts authoring test items, quickly evolving information in fields like technology are often outdated by the time an exam enters the market. These delays devalue results for both test-takers and the organizations needing current knowledge.

Certiverse revolutionizes this process by recruiting community experts to contribute and review test items online. In addition to the opportunity to give back to their industries, test authors can share in test revenue through a unique royalty-based payment system and market-based compensation. Costs are also reduced for test sponsors, leading to greater value and access for test-takers who will be able to schedule and take proctored exams online.

Exam validity on Certiverse is assured by rigorous and accepted psychometric models. “We developed proprietary software and machine-learning algorithms to help experts create high-quality content and exams that exceed industry standards,” said Chief Psychometrician Alan Mead, PhD.

About pValue
pValue leverages proprietary technology to develop high-quality certification exams. The Illinois-based company’s innovative testing marketplace connects clients with community experts, so that together they can create industry-leading exams in a virtual environment and provide greater opportunities for test-takers. To find out more or partner with pValue, visit

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