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Atlanta-based GSB Architects Provide Safe Practices for Office Spaces in the Wake of COVID-19

GSB Architects & Interiors offers advice for optimizing existing workspaces


As we all begin to think about returning to work, one question is on everyone’s minds: how can people stay safe? Maria Guerra-Stoll, co-Founder of GSB Architects and Interiors, offers insights and advice for improving office space in favor of sanitation and safe distancing.

“Many people are worried about how safe they will be in an office building that is shared with possibly hundreds of others,” said Guerra-Stoll. “Luckily, there are many adjustments that GSB Architects can provide to businesses to help protect employees’ health.”

After the pandemic, density and proximity will become a concern that businesses did not previously have. As companies strive to maintain adequate separation between desks and workstations, many, if not all, offices will need some reconfiguring and redesigning. With the help of GSB Architects, workspaces can be optimized to their full potential while using the space intelligently. The new “social distancing” norm could last longer than the virus and could very well feature prominently in workplace design for years to come.

Cleanliness will take on a new meaning in a post-COVID world. All surfaces, from desks to floors to furniture will transition to non-porous materials for easy disinfecting and building-wide cleaning protocols will likely be enacted. Fabric surfaces, including furniture, decor and wall coverings, will decline in popularity and usage in response to the desire for sterility.

Biophilia, an approach to architecture and design that aims to bring occupants closer to nature, is rising in popularity, and the pandemic will cause it to soar even further. Offices will feature more plants, living green walls and other natural elements that make employees feel less enclosed.

Most importantly, as people begin returning to their normal routines and the workplace, they will have to seek out professional medical opinions and decide how long it is necessary to continue wearing face masks and practicing social distancing. Although many of these protective practices may disappear, a pandemic is hopefully enough to get people washing their hands regularly for the rest of their lives!

For more information about how GSB Architects and Interiors can redesign and reconfigure your office space while protecting your employees’ health, please contact GSB Architects and Interiors at or 404-233-6450.

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