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Sharpen Productions Launches Video Library Containing Certified Mental Health Resources and Self-Help Techniques

Offering an array of original and engaging content purchasable by Primary Care Providers, Counselors and Healthcare Organizations


Sharpen, a mental health content and technology company, is proud to launch its one-of-a-kind video library that is easily accessible to stream via Vimeo. The Sharpen Library offers an array of original, engaging, and personal videos that provide mental health guidance. While it’s not a replacement for professional counseling, the videos are reviewed by medical professionals to ensure accuracy and appropriate age levels. The content is primarily offered as a subscription to Primary Care Providers, Counselors and Healthcare Organizations, although customers may choose to purchase a smaller set of videos at a time.

“With more than 20 years of video production experience, Sharpen offers certified mental health content and self-help techniques on videos to benefit those suffering from or impacted by mental health issues. This carefully selected set of videos is designed to help Primary Care Providers, Counselors and other healthcare organizations to access high-end content at a reasonable price vs having to pay for original productions,” said Robyn Hussa Farrell, CEO and co-Founder of Sharpen. “The uniqueness of the material we offer ranges from the topics addressed, to the voices from which the stories are told, and the diversity of perspectives shared on the various topics.”

The Sharpen Video Library content includes:
- Evidenced-based research that is reviewed by medical professionals
- Specific branding and customization for your organization
- Multilingual video options with native-language speakers
- New, relevant videos added regularly to the collection

Sharpen offers two simple options for acquiring content:

Community Partnership: A turn-key solution where Sharpen manages the entire program. Subscribers have access to the full Video Library of more than 100 videos. As new developments and productions are updated, they are immediately available to your audience for streaming.

Personal Library: A monthly plan designed for individual consumers to actively care for the personal health of themselves and their families. This option offers a choice of 10 educational health videos per month. This plan is best for building a personal library that allows you to tailor the collection to your specific needs.

Sharpen partners with healthcare organizations and providers, health-information websites/apps, pharmaceutical companies, and other health publishers to distribute quality content. Sharpen Productions offers original production services to corporations.

For more information about Sharpen or how to access this subscription service, please visit

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