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fCoder Supports Its Customers Who Work Remotely

The company makes batch printing of documents hassle-free for its new and existing customers: users of Print Conductor software can request additional activation for their home computer. Thus, single and multi-user licenses can get multiplied by two, free of charge. This support action takes place until September 1st, 2020.


fCoder, a software development company, is now doubling the number of computers Print Conductor, it's batch printing solution, can be installed on. Both new and existing customers can take advantage of this offer to use the program both at home and at the office. This step is taken to support customers in response to the ongoing crisis and help them maintain the same level of productivity at home they used to have at the office.

In response to the uncertainties presented by the Coronavirus outbreak, the company came up with an idea to support its new and existing users of Print Conductor software. Clients can now request an additional activation for their home computer. After that, company specialists will double the number of installations within a single-user or multi-user license. This way, an employee will be able to use the full version of Print Conductor both on the office workstation and from a home laptop while working remotely. New activations can be requested on the program's website until September 1st, 2020.

"We want to keep our users' comfort. So I tell them: keep saving your time and print documents at home like at the office. Like you're used to." – says Mikhael Bolgov, the company's representative. He also added that it was a "necessary step for us to help both new and existing clients amidst the pandemic-induced crisis so that employees can easily work with documents from anywhere".

Print Conductor is a professional software for Windows used by organizations and individual users to batch print multiple files at once. Printing various files via Print Conductor lets them spend less time printing multiple documents such as Word, PDF, Excel, CAD drawings, and other filetypes.

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Since 1998, fCoder has been offering a range of professional software for Windows users. The company specialists develop desktop, server-side, and command-line programs for batch printing and file conversion. The applications, each focused on specific tasks, are being maintained and updated for a long while.

Software created by fCoder optimizes document processing as well as saves time and other resources of various companies, governmental entities, non-profit organizations, and individual users. The key products developed by fCoder are Print Conductor, FolderMill, Image Converter Plus, 2JPEG, 2TIFF, 2PDF, DocuFreezer, and Universal Document Converter.

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