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New Book Bridges the Gap Between the Church & The LGBTQ+ Community

Homosexuality Is In! Heterosexuals Relax! is a powerful book on how the Church and heterosexuals are to respond in loving the homosexual and create communities that make homosexuals feel wanted. This book is about dialogue rather than moral theology.


Homosexuality Is In! Heterosexuals Relax!

Aleechea Pitts, Author of the controversial book Homosexuality Is In! Heterosexuals Relax! is helping individuals transition out of homosexuality by offering sound counsel and educating the Church and heterosexuals on loving the homosexuals. 20-40% of LGBTQ youth are homeless after coming out as being gay and kicked out of their parents’ home and rejected by family, friends and the church.

Aleechea Pitts has committed to educating and counseling the Church and heterosexuals on how to be supportive and a loving community to those who identify as LGBTQ+.

Readers of her books have expressed great enthusiasm for the project and have been motivated and inspired by Aleechea’s life experiences.

“Homosexuality Is In! Heterosexuals Relax! Is a “feel good book” as the heart of love and the voice of concern, compassion, care & the need for change in the body of Christ is tenderly delivered in each chapter. It is an easy read! It warmed my soul. – May this book reach the masses in Jesus name!” – Davina Hawkins, Pastor of Jesus Recycles Ministry

Aleechea Pitts once struggled with same-sex attraction. Her book Homosexuality Is In! Heterosexuals Relax! Was birthed out of her own struggles and is based on that experience.

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Aleechea Pitts
301 N. Wade Blvd #100
Millville, NJ

Phone: 856-238-1236