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fCoder starts a campaign to support the healthcare industry by providing document processing software for free

Perpetual licenses of Print Conductor and FolderMill software are now provided for free to healthcare organizations during the Coronavirus crisis.


Software development company fCoder started giving for free licenses of its two major products – Print Conductor and FolderMill – to healthcare organizations worldwide due to the COVID19-related crisis. fCoder offers document processing and printing solutions for Windows and started this campaign to support all healthcare organizations and their employees in response to the ongoing crisis.

From March 31st until September 1st, 2020, the company will freely provide full-featured versions of Print Conductor and FolderMill software to healthcare facilities and medical workers. Perpetual licenses are given out, which means that the programs can be used without any functionality or time restrictions. Both software solutions can be requested on the company's website.

"We at fCoder want to support employees of medical institutions during these anxious and busy times. Many medical organizations are working harder than usual due to the spread of COVID-19, and we'd like to support those organizations during this crisis." – says Mikhael Bolgov, the company's representative.

Print Conductor is a desktop tool that can aid organizations and individual users with printing multiple files in batches so that they spend less time printing medical images, forms, instructions, any kinds of documents, and other filetypes.

FolderMill, a server-side software working via the so-called "Hot Folders", can be an alternative in terms of automated printing. It can also perform other document-related tasks in real-time, such as filtering, renaming, copying, watermarking, and converting files to PDF or image formats.

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Since 1998, fCoder has been offering a range of professional software for Windows users. The company specialists develop desktop, server-side, and command-line programs for batch printing and file conversion. The applications, each focused on specific tasks, are being maintained and updated for a long while.

Software created by fCoder optimizes document processing as well as saves time and other resources of various companies, governmental entities, non-profit organizations, and individual users. The key products developed by fCoder are Print Conductor, FolderMill, Image Converter Plus, 2JPEG, 2TIFF, 2PDF, DocuFreezer, and Universal Document Converter.

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