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The Toy Museum of NY launches Toy Museum TV featuring personal interviews with Inventors of Today’s Toys and Games, 2020

Who invented the classic toy Lincoln Logs? It was the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright's son, John. Who’s inventing today’s toys? Find out at Toy Museum TV.


The Toy Museum of NY announces that viewers of all ages can now watch their new Toy Museum TV channel, with 24-hour streaming of original toy related programming available to viewers everywhere. The new video site's first web series episodes offer 50+ personal interviews of toy and game board inventors and industry experts.

Ever wonder how toys and games were created or how to make it in the business of child’s play? For years, the inventors have stayed out of the public eye! But now it's time to meet the new toy inventors on the block. Through this free web series, The Toy Museum of NY and Toy Museum TV is letting the world in on who is behind the newest toys and games of our generation through a set of exclusive interviews conducted at The American International Toy Fair, in February, 2020.

Additionally, the purpose of this Toy Museum TV project is to educate and inspire viewers who are interested in learning more about the toy industry or becoming toy inventors themselves. By watching in-depth interviews with industry experts, viewers can discover toy inventors who have made a place for themselves in the billion-dollar toy industry.

The talk show host is Marlene Hochman, Founder and President of The Toy Museum of NY and Executive Producer of Toy Museum TV.

These 50+ interviews share the personal stories of entrepreneurs, inventors, industry leaders, experts, new brands and start-ups and offer insight into how to make in the billion dollar global toy industry. Viewers will enjoy hearing these stories, learning about their new toys and games, and gaining valuable tips and advice for personal and business success. This series might even inspire people sitting at home social distancing to use their imagination to create the next popular and best-selling toy or game of the future.

Through interviews with some of the most creative and inventive people and businesses in the toy industry, Toy Museum TV helps viewers learn trade secrets to success. The Toy Museum of NY warmly invites all interested viewers to visit the new video site for Toy Museum TV.

Hochman extends the following invitation to all:
“Join us for some insightful conversations with innovative toy inventors, new brands, start-ups, industry leaders, and pioneers. Learn how their ideas were brought to life, plus what inspires them to create, and tips and advice for those interested in working in this global industry."

About Marlene Hochman
Marlene Hochman is Founder and President of The Toy Museum of NY and the Executive Producer of Toy Museum TV. The Toy Museum of NY was established in 1999 as a non-profit educational museum whose mission is to educate the public about the importance of dolls and toys in culture, history and play. Her work, creating collective activities and exploring historic, classic, and new toys, continues to benefit people of all ages, from the youngest kids to the most experienced seniors. For more information about The Toy Museum of NY visit their website.

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