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Realief Neuropathy Providing Breakthrough Treatment Amid COVID-19

Patients From Around The Midwest Traveling for Treatments Featured in U of M Study


More than 20 million Americans suffer from a progressive, degenerative nerve condition known as peripheral neuropathy, which affects the feet or hands with a combination of numbness, shooting pain, feelings of tightness, painful sensations of extreme hot or cold, loss of balance or an inability to walk.

Realief Neuropathy has been successfully treating this complex neurological disorder with a revolutionary, non-invasive method since 2007. Their clinic at 7100 Northland Circle in Brooklyn Park, MN has been open since 2012, utilizing Class IV lasers and a regimen of physical therapy to help control the symptoms of neuropathy.

As their patients’ conditions degenerate without care, many from around the Midwest are continuing to travel to Brooklyn Park during the COVID-19 outbreak for their treatments, rather than risk not being able to if the clinic must enter a mandated lockdown.

With current executive orders allowing doctor and clinic visits, Relief remains open to new and existing patients, with increased safety and infection control protocols in place. And, as Realief’s outpatient therapy does not involve treatment of infectious diseases or require personal protective equipment like masks and respirators, the clinic is freeing up these vital materials for use by frontline medical personnel.

Grateful patients include Scott Coltrane, who had been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy at the Mayo Clinic. Told his condition was incurable, and that he could expect to eventually be crippled by the condition as it progressed up his legs, Scott’s pain became so unbearable he considered having his feet amputated. After discovering Realief and undergoing two months of treatment Scott shared, “All my symptoms were dramatically improved.”

According to Timothy Kelm, DC/Clinician at Realief, “Neuropathy shouldn't define your life. You may have been told ‘you have to live with it,’ but you don’t. We take great satisfaction in giving our patients a new lease on life, and that we’re helping people from as far away as South Dakota, even during these challenging times.”

People many times don’t know that an underlying condition is causing their variety of symptoms - - commonly beginning with a dull sensation where the toes meet the balls of the feet. There are many causes of peripheral neuropathy, including diabetes, chemotherapy, hereditary, inflammatory infections, auto-immune diseases, protein abnormalities, exposure to toxic chemicals, kidney failure, chronic alcoholism, and medications used to treat cancer and HIV/AIDS. And in some people, the cause remains unknown.

Once diagnosed, medications like gabapentin or Lyrica are prescribed, which provides some patients only a partial reduction in ever-increasing pain, while not improving numbness, weakness or loss of balance. Treatments like acupuncture are sometimes suggested, providing very mixed results, as do pre-packaged treatments from adjunct healthcare clinics, almost always offered with large upfront fees and implied guarantees of a complete cure.

By contrast, therapy used at Realief Neuropathy is an extension of treatment used for decades in sports medicine to help athletes heal muscle injuries.
Realief’s patented therapy for treatment of neuropathy with laser further refines this process, directed specifically at nerve fiber cells, both to treat the condition as well as track the progress.

The therapy’s success also attracted the interest of the University of Minnesota, which conducted a peer-reviewed trial involving 70 patients. The resulting study, published in 2016, confirming the protocol provided a significant improvement in all symptoms of neuropathy.

A no-obligation initial consultation will determine if a person is a likely candidate for treatment. Tests are conducted during each patient visit, with results plainly tracked on a unique neuropathy tracking software. Within one week, the vast majority of patients can see if treatments are working for them, and most patients complete initial care within seven weeks. No contracts are required, and pay-per-visit payments greatly reduce financial risks for Realief patients.

According to Timothy Kelm, DC, “We want to offer people hope, without having to pay up to thousands of dollars upfront for failed treatments they may have already tried. No legitimate healthcare provider charges upfront for therapy. This has been our exclusive area of expertise for 13 years, not an add-on profit center for an existing business, like services offered at a chiropractic or podiatry office. We’re proud to be the only clinic with a U.S. patented treatment protocol for significant improvement of all symptoms of neuropathy, not just pain - - and to offer it right here in the Twin Cities.”

For more information on Realief Neuropathy visit, or call 952-456-6160.

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