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Celebrating World Breathing Day With Leaders Across The Globe

Leaders from all over the world are currently gearing up to celebrate World Breathing Day on Saturday 11th April.


The Annual Event organised by The Breath Coaching Federation founded by Nevsah, a Behavioural Sciences and Breath expert has brought together experts from all over the world to share and raise awareness. This year will be a little different as Global experts will join via an online platform to deliver a scheduled day of knowledge and added value during this time.

The event will see Jesse Israel, World-Renowned Meditation Teacher and Founder of The Big Quiet who was currently touring with Oprah Winfrey leading mass meditations. Dr John Demartini who is one of the worlds leading human behavioural specialists will also make an appearance.

When talking about the event host Nevsah said: "As The Breath Coaching Federation, we have been organising live events every year on World Breathing Day, April 11th, globally. We have had events in London, Newyork, LA, Istanbul, Brussels, Zurich, Cologne and many more cities around the world. This year it is a blessing for us that we have the event online because people will have a chance to meet with a lot of world-renowned experts"

Among the Experts who will be joining Nevsah are Dr Marilyn Glenville Ph.D - The NHP Brand Ambassador Former President of the Food and Health Forum at the Royal Society of Medicine, a registered nutritionist, psychologist, author and popular broadcaster. Raffaele Ricci, founder of the popular meditation app MEYA. Peter M. Litchfield Ph.D - President of the Graduate School of Behavioural Health Sciences and Chairman of the Board of Better Physiology Ltd.

World Breathing Day is an annual global event that invites individuals to remember, experience and celebrate the healing and unifying power of breath. We all breathe, and we all breathe the same air, yet rarely do we stop to acknowledge how fundamentally important our breath is, or how it connects us to our planet and to each other beyond our differences.

An International day dedicated to breath reconnects us to this reality, and by doing so, enhances, inspires and promotes peace, health and wellbeing worldwide, for humanity and the Earth. World Breathing Day expands our understanding – amongst individuals, professionals and institutions – of what optimal and conscious breathing is so that everyone can benefit from it.

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