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UCEazy’s Online Academy Disrupts the College Admissions Counseling Industry By Focusing on First-Generation Immigrant Families

Program meets the unique needs of 8th-12th grade students with parents born outside the U.S.


UCEazy is an online academy that assists students, with parents born outside the United States, navigate the high school experience and college admissions process. Based in Silicon Valley, UCEazy has experts located nationwide who host one-on-one meetings and group webinars via high-quality videoconference. During the Coronavirus outbreak, the company is seeing increased demand since school closures are causing tremendous uncertainty related to college admissions.

UCEazy is an educational organization that offers proprietary programs for students in grades 8-12. In addition to college admissions counselors, UCEazy offers essay coaches, family coaches, study skills, career planning and activity specialists. Group webinars are also offered on evergreen topics. The company’s high-quality counselors are hand-picked experts that have earned at least a Master's Degree in their field and average more than 15 years of field experience.

“As an online academy, UCEazy is perfectly poised to accommodate distance learning,” said Vinnie Gupta, UCEazy co-founder & CEO. “Our goal is to help level the playing field for first-generation immigrant families during their high school and college admissions journey.”

During this pandemic, UCEazy is experiencing the following:

Parents and students have quickly adapted “distance learning” into their daily vocabulary.

As an online academy, UCEazy isn’t burdened with fixed costs, and they have been able to smoothly adapt to the growing demand.

Families are taking advantage of students having available time in the safety of their own homes.

Both UCEazy co-founders Vinnie Gupta and VK Kolady were born outside the U.S. Through their own personal experiences, the two realized that the college admissions counseling industry is unable to meet the needs of this segment of society. Their goal is to help families understand the nuances of the American education system and help the students secure admissions into top tier universities.

There are three main programs in the UCEazy academy:

Multi-Dimensional Student Program (8th-10th grades) – During these critical years, students are coached to become unique from the perspective of top college admissions offices.

College Admissions Program (11th-12th grades) – UCEazy experts guide students through the application process to maximize their chances of reaching their “dream” colleges.

Transfer Student Program – UCEazy counselors work with students who want to transfer from a two-year college to a four-year college or university.

UCEazy offers high-quality guidance that is affordable to students across the country. Our large team of counselors is highly experienced and works together to ensure each student receives the 360 degrees assistance needed.

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