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Uply Media, Inc's Training For Real Estate Investors On Blockchain DWeb 3.0

Investing strategies for buying a .Crypto Blockchain Domain at low cost and building a Blockchain Website on Ethereum worth premium value.


(Alpharetta, GA) - Real estate investors can now start building wealth flipping Blockchain Websites on .Crypto extensions on Ethereum just like houses. Uply Media, Inc today announced how real estate investors can use Blockchain DWeb 3.0 to cash-flow and recession-proof their passive income business model. The Blockchain Websites Flipping System created by Uply Media, Inc is an easy complete step-by-step online training video module instructions that can be done from anywhere in the world.

Blockchain Domains are valuable digital Real assets, exactly like how holding real estate is a valuable asset. Investing in Blockchain Domains and developing them into Blockchain Websites is similar to buying, selling, renting, leasing, or applying promotional use of a property or commercial building for a purpose.

According to Kyle Ransom, CEO of Uply Media, Inc, this is a digital twin to real estate investing. Ransom says Blockchain Domains also can appreciate by increasing in value tremendously over time and through the economic impact of inflation able to sustain recession or global pandemic. Suggesting that .Crypto on Ethereum is compared to owning prime real estate based on location, location, location. A lot like raw land the Blockchain Domain is undeveloped digital land where a Blockchain Website can be built on it.

“For example, our development teams are in the process of building hundreds of Blockchain Websites at the moment, while most real estate projects are completely shut down because of Coronavirus social distancing,” states Ransom.

How it works is that a Blockchain Website is created from a Blockchain Domain, which is a new asset class that sits on top of a smart contract, such as .Crypto extensions on the Ethereum Blockchain ecosystem.

A Blockchain Website can be flipped, sold, rented, leased, and more. Where brands and companies still need advertising and marketing opportunities, even in a recession. Considered a social distancing lock-in solution to flip real estate, done as digital crypto assets.
The .Crypto extensions can also be accessed on the Opera Browser giving 80 million users direct access to Blockchain Websites. Before this move, massive access to decentralized websites was closed. Opera is a top 5 browser by market share. 

The Blockchain Websites Flipping System trains real estate investors on how to buy Blockchain Domains as .Crypto at low costs and build Blockchain Websites on Ethereum worth premium value.

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