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Illinois Town Finds Innovative Way to Provide COVID-19 Stimulus

Small Town With a Big Heart Gives Half-Million Dollar Stimulus Package to Citizens and, At The Same Time, Gives Local Businesses a Needed Boost


Crestwood, IL—March 29, 2020 — Crestwood, Illinois Mayor Lou Presta and Village Trustees have found a creative way to help both citizens and businesses in their village by issuing four “Stimulus Vouchers” to every resident in the Village good for $25 each at any one of twenty-five restaurants located within the Village.

“Our Trustees voted to use $500 thousand from the Village’s annual budget surplus to provide a stimulus to village businesses hit hard by the COVID-19 restaurant dine-in closures,” Presta said. “While at the same time we are offering our residents four meals each to help them get through this crisis and break the monotony of being isolated inside their homes”.

One of the most financially stable municipalities in Illinois, Crestwood has routinely ended each fiscal year with surpluses typically totaling $1 million or more.

“Government is supposed to plan for times like these,” Presta said. “Taxpayers support their government in good times with an understanding that government will be there for them during the bad times”.

Residents received a letter from the village informing them that they could pick up their four vouchers without leaving their cars by driving through special lanes the village has created at the Crestwood Civic Center and will man at certain hours. Residents can then use the vouchers for takeout or drive-through dining at restaurants throughout the village. Restaurants ranging from McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts to the more fashionable eateries such as At the Office and Stacked Crestwood have agreed to accept the vouchers that they will turn in to the Village for redemption in cash.


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