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Actress Dayle McLeod releases Memoir about An Ayahuasca Trip that sent her to the Psyche Ward and Unleashed her Creativity

Fascinating New Memoir Teaches how To Work with Genius through Shamanic & Artistic Techniques



May 27 2020, TORONTO:Every Creator Deserves Access to The Life-Changing Power of Their Own Inner Genius
But There's a Problem...

The Patriarchy Needs You to be Disempowered and Disconnected from Your Source of Inner Genius in Order to Indenture You to Them

Being Disconnected from The Source of Your Inner Source of Infinite Love, Intelligence
and Genius can Cause:

Feeling Uninspired
Feelings of Victimization
Feeling 'Not Good Enough' to Create Works of Genius
Feelings of Uselessness
Feeling Stuck in the Past

Thats Where I Come In!

I believe You Deserve to Be Empowered! You Deserve Ass-Loads of Gorgeous, Shimmering, Self-Esteem, That will Fuel You into Your Genius Life!

I Know What it’s Like to Live with The Patriarchy’s Foot on My Throat, but Through Connecting with the Genius of my Soul I Transformed Myself into a Thriving, Productive & Successful Artist & Actress on Fabulous Shows Aligned with My Soul’s Purpose such as Amazon’s ‘The Expanse’ and The CW’s ‘Burden of Truth, with a Growing Small Business of my Own.

Also, its a Super Fun, Fast and Fascinating Read, Critics Are Raving! Mysterious Universe Podcast's Spent 1.5 Hours on Reviewing and Discussing 'The Big Dream', Hear the PodCast HERE

How It Works: Your Plan to Work with Genius:

1. Get Your Copy of 'The Big Dream' Right here, Today!
Available in Audiobook, ebook & Paperback!

2.Read it & BE RECEPTIVE

'The Big Dream' Contains a Shamanic Energy Transmission; By the time you’ve completed it, You will Receive a Jolt of Inspiration!

3.Take that Inspiration and Let it Fuel your Spiritual Quest!

Follow the Hero's Journey Steps Outlined in The Big Dream and start Your Journey ASAP! The Earth Needs you!

What Are You Waiting For?

The Earth Needs Inspired Artists, Creators, Inventors & Scientists to Start Working With Genius, and Create a New Society in Harmony with Nature!

Communicating with Genius (aka Spirit, Aka Your Soul) is All About Learning the Universal Language of of Symbols, Archetypes, Myths and Fairy Tales.

Stories Are Our Soul's First Language. I Don't Need to Teach You this Language, Your Body Already Knows it. But Your Mind Needs the Reminder, Which is All it Takes!!

Let Me Shake You Awake with the Incredible, Fascinating and Mind-Bending, True-Life Story of My Shamanic Initiation into The Arts (or As I like to Lovingly Refer to Them as
'Our Soul's In-Dwelling, Self-Cleansing Mechanisms)

Connect to Your Intuition
Build a life aligned with the Highest Good & Love
Embody Integrity
Work with Genius
Elevate Your Work
Heal Yourself, Your Tribe & Your Ancestors
Build A New World
Reach Your True Potential

Don't be Left Behind!

The Earth is Starting Over and Needs the Help of All Earthlings to Channel Her Divine Wisdom & Genius into Human Creations and Relations to Create a Sustainable, Circular Economy That Protects All Human Beings and Mother Nature!

Get the Book that Will Initiate You Into A Life of Working with Your Soul's Genius

Imagine What Kind of Incredible Impact You Could have on the World if You Learned to Work with Genius and Transformed Yourself from an Ineffective & Stuck Creator, to
an Enthusiastic & Inspired Creator Contributing to a More Harmonious & Humane Future!


Have you ever wondered what it's like to travel to alternate dimensions? 
What would you do if you found yourself stuck in an alternate reality where things stranger and more terrifying than you've ever dreamed could happen? 
That’s exactly what happened to Dayle McLeod in her new memoir 'The Big Dream'. 
After drinking Ayahuasca in Ojai CA on the winter solstice of 2014, Dayle McLeod couldn't exit the dream realm that the hallucinogens brought her to. For forty days she lived inside epic visions and hallucinations where she was sent on an Earth-saving mission that nearly killed her.
She woke up in the psych ward of an L.A hospital with doctors telling her she had gone nuts, but an old Native American Jungian Psychologist saw things differently, and that is where the real adventure begins.

“Michael Pollen wrote a book about trying different psychedelics, but excluded ayahuasca. This powerful plant medicine has not been explored in Western science or in our media. My book tells a story that illustrates the power of plant medicine to shake you awake, heal your soul and change your life.” - Dayle McLeod

This thrilling and profound memoir is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before and comes from first-time author Dayle McLeod, who is an award-nominated Canadian actress, folk-singer and story-teller devoted to exploring the connections between creativity, spirituality, and psychedelics. Her ability to capture complex cosmic truth in simple, accessible ways is what moved this experimental, independent artist into the mainstream.
Dayle is looking for radio and pod-cast opportunities to discuss her book, as well as reviewers, journalists, influencer partnerships and author collaborations. If you would like to be in touch about scheduling an interview please see the contact details below.

Please contact us for your free PDF download of ‘The Big Dream; My Shamanic Initiation into the Arts’ for your review.

‘The Big Dream’ is launching on March 31 2020 on as an E-Book and AudioBook, and on as a Kindle e-book, paperback audible audiobook.

Contact for inquiries: [email protected]


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