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Skaffolder releases an open-source tool to the developer community

Skaffolder introduces a new open source All in One DevOps Tool that can accelerate the web and mobile application development process.


Skaffolder, an innovative code generator tool that bridges the gap between low code and custom code solutions offers the latest, open-source tool to the developer community.

The specs-driven code generation tool features an intuitive interface and easy-to-use templates that help to save up to 40% of development time. Also, coupled with an open-source component, Skaffolder allows developers to create web or mobile applications from the command-line. Along with the command-line tool, the innovative web application tool offers a VSCode extension that enables developers to use the command-line tool’s features from the VSCode interface. Hence, developers can interact with Skaffolder without leaving their integrated development environment. Also, providing them with a visual interface locally to define APIs and databases.

The Founder and CEO of Skaffolder, Luca Carducci, has confidence that the developer community is the best contributor for open-source tools as he has been a long time developer himself. “We want to embrace the ideas and innovations that are always thriving from the developer community,” said Luca Carducci. “We here at Skaffolder have all stakeholders in mind when it comes to code development from the freelance developer to the high profile company with a team of developers.”

The intuitive and well-thought-out design of Skaffolder’s templates is complemented with the multiple programming languages the open-source tool supports. These include: PHP, Angular JS, React Native, Java, Go, JavaScript, and Xamarin. More so, as a spec-driven code generator tool, it can easily import OpenAPI 3.0 and integrate with the most common tools for API design.

About Skaffolder:
Skaffolder envisions to offer solutions that can optimize a developer’s time and resources through a smart-interface, multi-language code generator that makes documentation and collaboration easy. The spec-drive, open-source tool currently has close to 10,000 users with an enterprise solution that helps companies reduce development time and costs almost in half.

Contact Info
Luca Carducci
8121 Bee Cave Rd
Austin, TX 78746

Phone: 512-203-9825