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Did this author predict the Coronavirus outbreak?

Author's fictional outbreak bears an uncanny resemblance to the Coronavirus, even more so when the wild conspiracy theories about COVID-19 are thrown into the mix.


Sydney, Australia 03/05/2020: Scott Medbury, author of the America Falls book series, newly released in one volume, agrees that the Corona Virus, COVID-19, does bear a striking resemblance to his fictional ‘Pyongyang Flu’- named for the epicenter of a pandemic which goes on to decimate the adult population of the U.S. in his apocalyptic saga.

According to the WHO, the novel Coronavirus has spread to more than 95,000 people around the globe, killing over 3,500 but has baffled experts because very few children (less than 2.4% of the total) have been diagnosed and, of them, less than 0.2 percent became critically ill. There have been no deaths of younger children reported.

In America Falls, the fictional virus with its flu like symptoms is also of Chinese origin and only afflicts adults, leading to death in a matter of days. Of course, the story veers from reality in that the ‘Pyongyang Flu’ is a genetically engineered bio-weapon tested on North Korea but designed ultimately to neutralize the adult population of America, paving the way for China’s swift, non-destructive invasion of their great rival.

Or does it veer from reality? In the real world, rumors and conspiracy theories have spread almost as quickly as the COVID-19 virus. As reported by the NY Times and other news outlets, chief among them is the theory repeated in February by Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, that the virus originated in a secret biochemical lab in Wuhan, the city at the epicenter of the original outbreak and is a ‘bio-weapon’ accidentally (or deliberately, according to some conspiracy propagators) unleashed by the Chinese government.

The appalling theory has been dismissed by scientists and authorities.
“To be honest,” Medbury says. “I hope the similarities between COVID-19 and ‘Pyongyang Flu’ end at the symptoms and risk groups. The rest is too terrifying. I used a contagion as a premise for America Falls because I believe a pandemic is one of the leading threats to modern civilization. When you throw in the advances in genetic science and Humankind’s instinct for conflict, scarily, the conspiracy theories might not be too much of a stretch going forward.”

Scott Medbury is a 53-year-old author and social commentator from Sydney Australia, his America Falls series remained in the Amazon bestseller lists for over a year on its release in 2018.

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