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2020-02-28 Print Brings a New Way of Traveling with its unique ways of vacationing, as it mentions in its “Vacations category”, is all set to eliminate the hassle of traveling. This comes along with ease of planning a vacation, organizing itineraries around the world, everything about the destination & more.

The USA, February 26, 2020

Traveling heals. Irrespective of the place, creed, caste, or profession, traveling is on everyone's list. With professional & personal pressure of everyday lives, something that can cope with all of it is requisite, and that’s undoubtedly traveling, for everyone. One cannot deny the fact that traveling is a healer. And, apart from that, it’s a way of celebration, which brings with it happiness, positivity, peace & most importantly a plethora of learning opportunities. However, planning vacation needs insurmountable patience, time & money. That is when one needs a platform that would plan vacation packages on behalf of them., in order to help voracious travelers, banish the hassle of planning, has come up with this special category that tells everything about vacation packages around the world including Antarctica, Asia, Europe, Middle East, South Pacific & Latin America. The category has a list of countries, where one can find every little information, crucial to planning a vacation viz. best places to visit, the best time to visit, things to do & more.

Talking on this new addition, the general manager of the company said, “Traveling is one’s period of R & R. It makes out that, there should not be any stress while vacationing. It’s all about happiness, freedom & rejuvenation.” She further added that “with our exclusive addition of the list of vacation packages, we are aiming to give an approximate estimation of the cost involved, the time required & activities available in a particular type of vacation package. However, the information given is not 100% accurate. It’s just to give travelers an idea and each vacation package can be customized as per the needs of a traveler.”

Traveling is infectious. It’s not just that vacations are means of rejuvenation & relaxation, but it has to do with once knowledge & enhancing the way one analyzes things. It’s more like a balm for the soul as well as mind. Therefore, every vacation has to be planned in the proper way. The new addition of Leisure, vacations, categorizes every aspect of traveling to a particular part of the country.

Here’s what the new category “Vacations” encompasses:
Explore the Country
Things to Do
Top Places to Visit
Best Time to Visit
Vacation Packages (Exclusive)
Why Leisure?

The US-based online travel planning website has a gush of interesting & valuable ways of eliminating the hassle out from planning vacations. No wonder, people with different mindsets have an inclination towards different parts of the world. And, therefore, has its reach all through the world. From the top Albania vacation packages in Europe to Bali vacation packages in Asia, Egypt vacation packages in the middle east, Australia vacation packages in the South Pacific, Antarctica vacation packages & more, there is always a frisson of excitement for vacationing around the world with

About is a US-based online travel planning platform. It connects experienced travel planning experts with passionate travelers. Leisure works on its five guiding principles viz. Travelers’ satisfaction, Ultra-Careful Assessment, Uniquely Customized Vacations, Certified Leisure Travel Agents, and 24*7 Customer Support. Irrespective of what a customer comes up with, the company is dedicated to building trust with its persistent work. It was a handful of travel enthusiasts who literally went through a trial while they were planning a vacation. With that heavy loss of mental peace & time, they together decided to design a platform wherein travelers can easily and affordably get their vacations planned in no time. That’s how Leisure came into existence and since then it has been catering to the needs of thousands of travelers every year around the world. To know more about the company visit

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