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Krown Kouture Announces its Launch in India’s Fashion Game

Krown Kouture, the luxury haute couture brand, specializing in custom clothing, custom jewelry, handcrafted heels, etc., now has started its services in India


Over the last few years, the fashion scene in India has gone through a major shift. Unlike a few years back, India has become a major hub of fashion in Asia with more and more international brands entering this market. Clearly, there’s a growing demand for both high-end and fast-fashion.

While, there’s a demand for luxury, there’s also a demand for fashion pieces that can not only stand the test of time, but also pay tribute to the colorful and gorgeous culture of this country. Most fashion houses have items that are more generic with little to no cultural influence.

In this regard, Krown Kouture, stepped into the Indian market as it identified the growing client demand for luxury pieces that also blend in cultural elements from the east and the west. Additionally, being a country where weddings are such a huge cultural affair, there’s a continuous demand for wedding outfits that need to be made from scratch. Krown Kouture, with its sartorial services, stepped into this market to give its clients a perfect platform to have their dream outfit stitched and delivered in just 21 days.

By offering clients apparel made from high quality fabrics with gorgeous embellishments, ornate pieces of handcrafted solid gold and diamond jewelry, and luxe footwear, Krown Kouture is sure to make a place for itself in the wedding season.

However, it’s not just the wedding season that Krown Kouture is looking forward to in this market. It also knows that being that largest democracy in the world and with a huge corporate working population, it also needs to cater to the office-goers. It has a versatile ready-to-wear collection for both men and women that embodies the same principle of Krown Kouture of blending in different elements from cultures around the world. Along with this, its seasoned tailors are also highly experienced to bring all its clients designs to life - be it traditional or modern.

For more information on their services, collection, client testimonials, and more, please visit their official website, OR Reserve Your Fitting Session Today!

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