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Local author releases new book: Rivers Meet Oceans

There has been only safety and peace on the Island of Alta. Oceans, shoals, and mountains protect the tiny Islands from outsiders. Until the ships arrive.


O'Fallon, MO  – March 10, 2020 – Dove and Dragon Publishing will be releasing Jennifer Arnold's newest fantasy Rivers Meet Oceans on March 10th. The story starts in a fantasy land but the release happens in O'Fallon, MO. Presented by Dove and Dragon Publishing. 

Copies of the book will be on sale at local Barnes and Noble Bookstores and Online at
“Writing has been more than a hobby for me,” explained the author. “It's great to have a finished product to show for it!”

The small Island nation of Alta is protected from the world at large by cliffs and oceans. They don’t need the world and the world does not need them. The Islanders are happy to ignore the world outside until invaders come. Ships come in the night with technology and numbers that the small island cannot fight. Alta sues for peace but the island council quickly finds that they have made a deal with a devil!

These invaders did not come to take gold or resources... they take away people!

They force everyone on the island to take a test and the only way to pass is the fail. Those who don’t are forced in chains and onto ships.

Mira, Matt and Lewis grew up on their isle and they are not about to let their sisters and friends get taken no matter what the council says.

The three friends go to steal the ship and free the women but the invaders won’t give up their prizes without a fight!
A battle ensues! Fire rains from the sky and people fall left and right. An electric buzzing fills the air and pulls at each of the three friends. When the young men pull back nature itself fights against the invaders!
Bears mull defenders as lightning ignites the fire launchers. The islanders cheer, thinking they have won when Matt sees a vision. He shouts in warning but it's too late. The invaders know that they have powers.
Matt, Mira and Lewis need to learn to use their powers quickly if they want to save the island and keep everyone they love safe!

About the Author 

Jennifer Arnold has always been a writer, even when she worked as a teacher, a banker, and a pizza cook. She has no plans to stop writing.

For more information about Rivers Meet Oceans please visit the author’s website (

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