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Take The Cactus League Challenge

Interactive cactus league map and game schedule. Use this map to create your own custom spring training trip.


Long before the boys of summer are setting new records, they report to Spring Training. Spring Training is well underway in Arizona and Florida. We recently challenged Whitney Clark, marketing rep of La Mesa RV, to come up with a schedule that would allow her to attend a ball game at every stadium in the Phoenix metro area, also known as the Cactus League, while also making sure to cover every team that practices in Arizona. The result . . . a 10-day, multi-stadium, multi-team road trip that anyone can take.

Whitney went beyond the requirements of coming up with a schedule but also published it so that all the hard work is gone. Not sure where a stadium is located? An interactive map is also part of the published report on
If snow shovels and ice scrapers are too much of your morning routine, it’s time to book a ticket to either Arizona or Florida to catch some warm sun rays and to see the rising stars that will be taking the field in all parts of the U.S. this April.

Whitney, being an employee of La Mesa RV, also took the time to research each stadium to determine if RVs can or cannot be parked in their lot. This valuable information has been included in her research. So, if it’s time to pack your bags or pack your RV, check out the schedule and see if you and your family and friends can make the schedule of all the games lined out.

Whitney is also putting the finishing touches on a similar game plan for the Grapefruit League in Florida and that schedule, stadium information and other highlights will be published soon. Whether you’re in Arizona or Florida, Ms. Clark has taken the work out and provided you with a new challenge.

Are you ready to take it on? Can you hit all of the stadiums and see all the teams that are practicing in Arizona or Florida this season? How many hot dogs will it take to say, “Yes, it’s possible, I did it!”?

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