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Nordic Expert Academy Launched to Facilitate Higher Education Trainings

Newly launched Nordic Expert Academy focuses on developing and offering customizable study programs for professionals around the world.


Nordic Expert Academy was recently launched as a higher education and expert training brand by Hohot Consulting Oy, a management consultancy firm headquartered in Finland and engaged in collaborations between Europe and China.

In close collaboration with universities, educational institutes and industry players from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Estonia, Nordic Expert Academy focuses on developing and offering customizable study programs for professionals around the world. The programs are built around students’ innovation capabilities, unique learning experience, and personal growth.
In 2019, Hohot Consulting has successfully carried out the Nordic Startup Summer Program together with Aalto Ventures Program, Aalto University, and has received tremendous positive feedback from cooperative higher education institutes and students from China. On top of that, it has also partnered with Oulu University Teacher Training School on developing and promoting Finnish Teacher Training Programs.

Over time, various themed education and training programs will be launched under Nordic Expert Academy, such as:
- Nordic art and design
- Nordic healthcare and medical innovation
- Internship with Nordic businesses
- Finnish teacher training
- MBA and management study visits
- Waste management expert training
- High tech development and management

The target group is international degree students, university graduates, junior professionals, and industry experts. Below are two examples of many recommendations from satisfied students who have already undertaken some of our training in the Nordic countries:

“The two-week Nordic trip, from Finland, which is full of entrepreneurial atmosphere and innovative ideas, to Estonia, which has the world’s top digital development, from Helsinki with the blue sky and white clouds to the delicate and quiet Stockholm, my biggest gain was the joy from the sparks of different thoughts. The ideas of innovation and entrepreneurship that can change lives may be generated in our discussions.” - Visiting student from Fudan University

“Every day in Finland I felt very meaningful. I was very engaged and felt satisfied every night when I fell asleep. This is what I want to remember, the feeling of a healthy and meaningful life of those days in Finland, I felt myself immersed in the world and had a deep connection with the world. Walking far away every day, going for a long time, coming back to the room after a lot of conversations, which made me feel great. I felt that I have never lived up to this day”. - Visiting student from South China University of Technology

Nordic Expert Academy is keen to reach out to international partners and collaborators, who are interested in developing quality education programs, as well as promoting the programs to the target student segments.

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