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Alamo Tree Children's Book Now Available on Amazon

Alamo Tree is #1 New Release in 5 Amazon Publishing categories in its first month!!


If ancient trees could talk, what stories they could tell!! Alamo Tree is a true story about a real place. The monumental events surrounding the siege and famous battle at The Shrine of Texas Liberty are told by an old live oak that still thrives in the courtyard of the mission in San Antonio Texas. The events in April 1836 established the enduring model for independence and freedom literally all over the world! What lessons can children learn from such a grim story?

The tree explains that during those dark days there was the love of families, the courage of heroes, the teamwork of citizens from all over the globe, and leadership that ensured their losses were not in vain. The History Tree Series books provide enriching content to the adult reader so that they can share with the little ones who are hearing the tale. The loving guidance of a parent, teacher, or older reader will help the child understand the amazing events in their heritage and where they fit in the story. Rhyming text and beautiful illustrations will make your child want to hear Alamo Tree again and again!!

Katy Texas author Tana Holmes’s new release in The History Tree book series is “Alamo Tree.” The brightly illustrated children’s picture book is about the hallowed Alamo Mission and the story of the 13-day siege that set so many stories of revolution and liberty in motion. The innovation is that the tale is told by an ancient oak inside the walls of the mission. The mature concepts of battles and martyrs are introduced in an easy to read rhyming format that is supplemented with “Reader Guidance” footers with enrichment information. This allows the adult reader to breach the subjects of revolution and struggle as they see fit. Conscientious adult readers will immediately see the benefits of teaching children about their heritage while instilling the principles of protecting ancient trees and historical sites. They will also appreciate the opportunity to determine how much of the story to share.

Readers who wish to experience and share this important introduction to Texas and American heritage can purchase or download Alamo Tree online at For additional information, review copies, or media inquiries contact, or (281) 635-6595.

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