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WDIA Davos 2020 Presentation: We Will Make the Future More Comfortable

The presentation of the WDIA Association was successfully held during the WEF in Davos. Also they are supporting the innovative project Multipass. It will be a significant event in 2020!


The World Economic Forum was opened in Switzerland on Monday, January 21. The Davos mountain based ski resort once again became a discussion platform for politics and economics bringing together country presidents, top representatives of international organizations, businessmen and opinion leaders. Those participating were President of the USA Donald Trump, IMF head Kristalina Georgieva, climate and ecology activist Greta Thunberg, as well as representatives of new generation companies who spoke about new revolutionary ideas and delivered breakthrough proposals. [WDIA]( with its innovative Multipass technology was a good example.

The Worldwide Digital Identification Association is a non-profit organization headquartered in Geneva. Earlier in 2019 the Association has endorsed the development of the Multipass technology. This solution is based on the most up-to-date cryptographic achievements, and helps properly store and manage personal data: while all user’s information is kept safely on his/her personal device, customized sets are presented for outside verification requests. Those datasets can be different for booking services, visa administrations, banks, medical institutions, retail stores, loyalty programs etc. Multipass can be used in many industries and supports multiple human activities. As the holder doesn’t need to pass authentification over and over again, a significant amount of time can be saved.

Digital space security was widely discussed during the forum. The issue was addressed during the WDIA representatives speech at the event organized in the Russia House where, among others, Sberbank and Roskongress held their presentations. Members of the WDIA team shared their experience with the audience and announced the Association’s intention to become a bridge between multiple companies ensuring AML requirements in the digital sphere are met.

One particular example of success was WDIA’s speakership and moderation at the [INTERNET OF MONEY] “360° DATA INTELLIGENCE panel at the Family Offices & Investors Summit 2020 where venture funds managers shared their views. This meeting opened a window of opportunities for Multipass’ global adoption. The next day, WDIA supported Geneva Macro Labs lunch event where extensive networking took place.

Yury Myshinskiy, a President of the Worldwide Digital Identification Association, shared his impressions from the forum: “Our Association will remember Davos not only for its snowy Alpine views, but will als? keep a unique atmosphere which brought together representatives of different countries aiming for one purpose: to enable a better future for us and future generations. We are glad that the new Multipass project that we support was well received at the WEF. As there were countless contacts established with big companies interested in further cooperation, please expect multiple collaborations announcements shortly,” he added.

In the nearest time negotiation between the [WDIA]( and representatives of states and leading organizations from the USA, Europe, Asia, CIS region will take place. The possibility of opening a branch office in Turkey is also currently under discussion. Thereafter new offices of the association will be established worldwide. By the end of 2020 the WDIA plans to get fully integrated in the global digital environment and increase the number of Multipass holders to 3 million people.

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