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Bobby Blakodout IS "Gucci Savage"

It was teased that producer and DJ Bobby Blakdout may also be doubling as an alter alias "Gucci Savage" which has since been confirmed. We know that Gucci Savage was exclusively produced by Bobby Blakdout but we never fully understood why? Well NOW WE KNOW!

It was teased that producer and DJ Bobby Blakdout may also be doubling as an alter ego "Gucci Savage" which has since been confirmed!

Producer, Label Founder & DJ Bobby Blakdout born Robert W Lindsey has created an independent media empire streaking across the country.

He is known as being responsible for Boogie T's fame after his label "Blak'd Out Records" released a single titled "The Goop" which was a collaboration with Strix & Boogie T. Bobby quickly took all measures to ensure to break the single "The Goop" into the Top 50 Charts on Soundcloud after hearing the sound design which was far before its time. The single sat in the Top 50 where it remained for weeks.

That is when Robert, aka Bobby Blakdout aka Gucci Savage decided to independently take over the Soundcloud top charts for EDM and Dubstep in 2015-2016 from the comfort of his home studio.

This spawned a slew of Dubstep & EDM artists Bobby released on his label. also achieving chart ranking not only on Sound cloud but many other large platforms.

After successfully releasing over 100 tracks on his label, Bobby is now focusing on the "BIGGEST PICTURE" which he stated "is not to be confused with the Big Picture"

Years later, we are now in 2020 and slowly discovering Robert Lindsey is not only "Bobby Blakdout" aka "Gucci Savage" aka "Dayum Bobby" but has also been playing an instrumental part in the industry as a "puppet master".

He has worked with Platinum & Gold RIAA Recording artists as well as Grammy Winners and Academy Award winners.

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