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Rosenberg Fans Canada will exhibit at the Toronto Buildings Show 2019

Rosenberg Fans Canada Ltd, a global manufacturer of industrial fans and blowers announced today that they will be exhibiting at the Toronto Buildings Show-2019.


The event will take place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) from December 4th to 6th, 2019. The Buildings Show is one of North America’s largest exhibitions for the construction industry. It brings together 30,000 attendees from key industries to create a premier networking event. As the largest exposition and conference of its kind in North America, the show is recognized as a leader in professional development.

During the exhibition, Rosenberg Canada will be showcasing an ECFanGrid, its energy-efficient multiple-fan array along with another HVAC retrofit solution for contractors – EC Fan Coil Upgrade kit.

Both systems are powered by Rosenberg's variable-speed EC (or ECM) fans. The ECFanGrid is perfect for HVAC retrofit or replacement projects requiring improved Air Handling Unit efficiency. While the Aftermarket EC Fan Coil Upgrade kit is perfect for reducing noise and improving efficiency in existing residential fan coils.

“For a property owner or a facility manager downtime is a big concern. HVAC fan failures need to be prevented because the cost and disruption are significant. Replacing a single large fan in your system becomes tremendously challenging and brings up other questions. Would that fan fit through the doors or the narrow hallways? What is the crane rental cost? What’s the lead time for replacement parts? Should we look at a completely new unit?”, says Alexander Loginov, Rosenberg Canada’s VP, “A big focus in a building’s operating costs is electrical energy consumption. If your HVAC systems are running with 20 to 40-year-old single fans, they can be costly. Typically, 40% (and as high as 70%) of a building's energy goes to running HVAC systems. As much as 50% of that energy is being consumed by the fans. Rosenberg’s EC fans use different motor technology which is more efficient. Our fan array system, the ECFanGrid, has many advantages versus a single fan system. It provides redundancy that eliminates the chances of having downtime if a fan fails. Our modular systems can be carried through exiting doorways which saves considerable renovation costs when installing a retrofit solution. Our variable speed controllers are built into every fan motor. If you want to automate the fans to provide constant air volume or constant air pressure, we offer controllers that quickly interface to our fan systems to do that.”

Rosenberg Fans Canada will be at booth # 1918 in the PM EXPO section of the Toronto Buildings Show. The company offers a wide range of high-quality industrial fans, blowers, and motors, along with HVAC retrofit solutions. Rosenberg is a world’s recognized leader in ECM fans manufacturing.

For more details on the ECFanGrid, their energy-efficient multi-fan air handling system and Rosenberg Canada's retrofit project portfolio, visit

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About Rosenberg Fans Canada Ltd.

ROSENBERG FANS CANADA LTD. has been serving Canadian customers from its headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario since 2005. Customers appreciate the stocking programs, the local technical support and the value-added manufacturing solutions which Rosenberg Canada provides. The company's experienced and knowledgeable staff work with clients to select the best air moving solution for the application. They service many industries including HVAC, Refrigeration, Railways, Renewable Energy, Commercial and Residential appliances, Medical equipment and Telecommunications, to name a few.

The Rosenberg Fans Canada Ltd. team works hard to provide professional client services and strives to deliver timely information to help you make informed decisions.

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