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Transafe Dharma Persada Acquire “The Most Reputable Training Consulting Company of The Year” Award

Transafe Dharma Persada Acquired "The Most Reputable Training Consulting Company of The Year” at ”INDONESIA Entrepreneur and Education Award 2019"


Transafe Dharma Persada recently achieves Award at "INDONESIA Entrepreneur and Education Award 2019". The Award title is The Most Reputable Training Consulting Company of The Year. Awarding ceremony held at Hotel Royal Ambarrukmo on Friday, Oct 18th, 2010. The award is held by Nyne's communication, incorporating “Indonesia Inspire!” Magazine.

Transafe Dharma Persada represents by Mr. Teguh Dony Budidharma, Director to attend the event and receiving the award.

Laksdya TNI (Purn) Gunadi. MBA, Chairman of the Organizing Team in his invitation mentioned the qualification of nomination: Superior person and company considered creative, Innovative, achievement and meritorious in the effort to give the horizon as yardstick of the nation's son's work, arousing the spirit to support the success of national development as well as prestige, actualization as well as opening wider opportunities in the national arena.

The award is a recommendation from the Indonesian Ministry, government agencies, NGOs and the private sector are expected to further improve the performance and creativity of award recipients.

Assessment is based on several criteria such as quality, innovation, performance, accountability, care, and others. The Indonesian Inspire Magazine Research Team conducts research with respondents from businessmen, entrepreneurs, and business owners in Jabodetabek and other big cities.

Mr. Budidharma, gave an official statement regarding this award. In the interview he stated:

Alhamdulillah. This award makes pride and happiness. Every Year PT Transafe Dharma Persada group always carves achievements in the industry and includes companies with good development graphs among many other companies on a medium scale.

I have known for a long time that the world is vast; But since I met people who have successfully contributed to society and the employees working world, I have come to know that the vast world is "real".

Thank you to the entire Transafe Dharma Persada Team for their contribution and dedication to Indonesian companies and workers, so that Transafe can contribute to the intellectual life of the nation, prevent work accidents and illnesses caused by work and increase the competence of workers so that their lives will be of higher quality.

I am only an intermediary to accept, but actually I dedicate this award to the entire Transafe Large Family

Success is Always with us together.

Read the official Publications in Bahasa Indonesia here

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