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The Creator of the First Total Body Sweat Management Products Expands Availability of Novel Antiperspirant Hand and Foot Lotion Products In Stores


DURHAM, NC (October 14, 2019) - Carpe, the first all over body sweat management brand known for its category-leading hand and foot antiperspirants, is now available in more than 9,000 stores nationwide including CVS and Target. Through this expansion, the revolutionary brand that pioneered an antiperspirant lotion to help those who suffer from excessive sweating, will make their products accessible to more consumers than ever before, providing relief from uncomfortable sweat for people across the country.

Carpe was founded in 2015 by David Spratte and Kasper Kubica, who both suffered from overly sweaty hands. The two saw a need in the market for an easy and affordable solution to their problem and as a result, launched Carpe after spending over a year perfecting their original formula. This innovation has developed a loyal and passionate following from both consumers and dermatologists.

The Carpe products available for purchase at retail locations across the U.S. include:

Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion ($14.99) is the #1 dermatologist recommended over-the-counter antiperspirant lotion for sweaty hands. The formula is highly effective, non-irritating, non-greasy, and quick drying. It includes natural eucalyptus oil and moisturizing ingredients to gently soothe the skin while avoiding greasiness with its quick-drying properties.

Carpe Antiperspirant Foot Lotion ($14.99) is the solution to sweaty, smelly feet. The non-irritating lotion goes on smooth, dries quickly, leaves no residue, and helps ensure that shoes and sandals stay dry all day long.

Carpe products can be found nationwide in the clinical antiperspirant section in CVS and Target. With this newfound availability in respected, conventional retailers, Carpe will continue to increase its footprint in being able to provide sweat control for all areas of the body – not just the underarms. By providing easier access to the brand’s products, those who are fed up with sweaty hands and feet can rest easy knowing that they have found a simple and affordable solution to a major struggle.

“It’s been inspiring and fulfilling to see the impact that Carpe products have had on the lives of those with sweating issues,” said David Spratte, CEO and Co-Founder of Carpe. “Partnering with Target and CVS to make Carpe highly accessible to those who need it, is a big step in our journey to provide accessible and efficacious sweat control for all areas of the body.”

To learn more about Carpe, please visit or check out Carpe’s Instagram mycarpe.

About Carpe
Carpe’s mission is to help everyone who sweats more than they want to - no matter where, when, or how much they sweat. Co-founders David Spratte and Kasper Kubica started Carpe because of a personal problem with sweaty hands. Today, the team at Carpe is passionately working on creating and delivering the most efficacious and accessible solutions for the sweating problems people all around the world seek. For more information, please visit

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