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The Children's Book All Kids Should Read

1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea?: A Counting Picture Book About Protecting Our Planet (Early Childhood Concepts)


Paris, 21.09.2019

1, 2, 3, Who's Cleaning the Sea? by Janina Rossiter may not present the full shocking truth about ocean pollution but it should definitely be found in every primary school and library! Its powerful and educational message will help nurture and inspire future generations.

Our ability to be shocked is largely based on what we have experienced in the past. Just like a teenager who plays violent video games is likely to become more indifferent to acts of violence, fingertip access to media and social media images can largely dampen people’s perception of the shocking images of ocean pollution and its effects.

It is of course important that the facts and the issues surrounding ocean pollution be widely publicised, but such images should never become as mainstream as to be ignored or easily accepted. When did a picture of a sea turtle strangled by a ghost net or stabbed to death by straws through its nostrils cease to be shocking? Is the prevalence of such images running the risk of making us all too desensitized to such horrors?

These were some of the important questions faced by author Janina Rossiter when writing her award-winning book 1,2,3, Who's Cleaning the Sea?

What Janina has achieved is a beautifully created and hard-hitting educational book highlighting the issues of ocean pollution and its effect on marine life. It delivers a clear and important message without resorting to potentially psychologically damaging images for her young readers.

"The young children I work with are always very open-minded and eager to learn about the environment. It is important to give them that opportunity without exposing them to upsetting images or stories. 1,2,3, Who's Cleaning the Sea? helps them understand the role we play in ocean pollution and how each one of us can help to make things better.”

Janina was inspired to write 1, 2, 3 Who’s Cleaning the Sea? by her concern for the environment, and her passion for fighting climate change and keeping the oceans free from plastic and other pollutants is evident throughout.

"Children need to be aware that it is not acceptable for sea creatures to find man-made plastics in their living environment. My hope is that these children can help us question the choices we make and maybe even one day help solve the problems we have caused. If it is not too late to reverse the trend…”

German-born Janina is an artist and illustrator who lives in Paris with her English husband and two daughters. As an artist, she feels happiest when recreating images of the ocean in her paintings “I hope that through my art and my love of the sea, I can make my voice heard and make a difference.”

Janina Rossiter’s newest release 1, 2, 3 Who’s Cleaning the Sea – A Counting Picture Book About Protecting Our Planet (Early Childhood Concepts) is a Book Excellent award winner and a Readers' Favorite silver medal winner. It is available at:

Inspired by powerful images of ocean pollution, this book will teach your child not only numbers and how
to count but also the importance of taking care of our environment. Children will love learning how the little changes they make can help protect our planet.

As an indie author, Janina Rossiter has set her personal goals high: she wants her books to be some of the best-known independent published books worldwide. Independent publishing rules make it hard to penetrate the book shop market or to be on reading lists or school book supply lists.

Help change this by raising awareness and making sure this book is in every primary school and library!

Please contact the author directly for review copies or more information:
Janina Rossiter

Children's book author and freelance illustrator/graphic designer/artist

Janina Rossiter is also author of the children's book series
TOVI THE PENGUIN and award-winning book “The ABC Animal Picnic”. Mom's choice Awards - Gold Medal Winner - October 2017 and 2018 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner in the Children - Concept genre.

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