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New Interactive Book to Teach Kids About Green Living

Teaching kids to care for the environment has just become a lot easier with a new choose-your-adventure story called "Your planet is inside". The author used two innovative techniques to make the book exciting for young readers.


Tokyo, JP – 17 Sep 2019

New book “Your planet is inside” by Ul Makise discusses crucial environmental topics such as air pollution, plastic consumption, deforestation, animal protection in an interactive way where children can make decisions about their own small pet-planet and accomplish missions.

The story is designed specifically with the purpose of engaging the kids and making them feel excited about green living instead of simply delivering information about environmental problems. There are two techniques that are used in the book in order to make it appealing to young kids of 5 to 8 years old:

1) Taking care of a planet as a pet
Looking at how much kids love to take care of different kind of creatures (virtual pets like Pou or Tamagochi can be a great example) it is easy to understand that letting children take care of a planet as if it was their pet makes it potentially very exciting for young readers.

2) Choose-your-path story
In “Your planet is inside” children are able to make their own choices and see what impact each action has on their own small planet. This technique makes the book a lot more game-like which is important for young readers who tend to have short attention span.

The innovative approach of “Your planet is inside” aims to educate children about environmental issues in an exciting and playful manner. The book can also serve as a reminder about the importance of environmental protection and sustainable living for kids’ parents.


Ul Makise is an experienced English teacher and a writer who is passionate about green living. Her first book “Why horses don’t drink tea on Thursdays” has received a very positive feedback from young readers. Ul supports various environmental organizations.

Your planet is inside
33 pages/ 6 x 0.1 x 9 inches
Kindle $3.68, Paperback $9.13
Juvenile fiction
ISBN: 978-1686416842
Publication date: September 13, 2019
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