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Angel Guard Fashion Announces the Release of the Halo Line

Angel Guard Fashion is changing the way we wear clothing. Their first line, combines party dresses and work jackets with self-defense items. Their objective - to let every woman know that empowerment is beautiful.


Angel Guard Fashion has officially launched their first line, the Halo Line.

The products are designed to reduce violence, while creating a fashion friendly statement.

The initial party dresses and work jacket are hand painted with an angel, custom made on order and made of 100% Vietnamese silk. They are great for an outdoor event, party or get together.

The unique feature of this line of Angel Guard Fashion is in the halo, or the belt. There is an attachable - detachable siren as well as Angel Guard pin, both which can be used in self-defense and to deter attackers.

The design was created as a fast response system to deter attacks, focused on prevention methods for women to use in self-defense.

By using the fashion items, one has discrete and confined additions to their fashion. More important, it is located in the fastest area of the body to create an immediate response to one who is a potential threat.

The Angel Guard Fashion Brand Story

Angel Guard Fashion was founded by Brooke Hart, an entrepreneur and strategist. Her goal was to find a solution to reduce attacks in the global community, specifically after traveling and seeing the many negative results of violence.

During the initial stages, it was found that violence, when accepted in communities, accumulates, creating an epidemic. Research has shown that if an attack occurs every 13 days, it will accelerate and lead to an acceptance as violence as the norm.

The Angel Guard Fashion line began as a way to begin to combat against this norm, focusing on individual safety and prevention as the initial mechanism to stop attacks.

Other items within Angel Guard Fashion also offer technologies to intervene in an attack or to have enough evidence for justice, offered with fashion items that are combined with technology.

To further the social consciousness of the company, all items are made on order to reduce the waste of manufacturing plants. They are also created with women entrepreneurs in local communities for an immediate return to the community and to support prosperity.

About the Halo Line

The halo line is the first launch of Angel Guard Fashion.

The party dresses are identified by the angelic look while focusing on the highlighted time when women may need self-defense items.

The work jacket can be used as an outdoor jacket or with the indoors, using light, Vietnamese silk to always stay warm without the heaviness of many items.

All items are available in blue, purple, red and black as well as with a choice of belts for further protection.

By wearing the belts or party dresses, one is able to not only have the perfect fit for every occasion, but also to remain safe, free and empowered.

Contact Info
Brooke Hart
3503 Jack Northrop Ave
Hawthorne CA 90250

Phone: 415-315-9538