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Bobby Blakdout teases a VIP Mix

Humble, grounded and driven are just a few of the ways you could describe Robert Lindsey, the producer better known as "Bobby Blakdout" to his EDM/Dubstep fans who also raps under the alias of Gucci Savage.

After breaking on to the scene into the EDM scene in 2015 with his debut singles which all held top chart positions on Soundcloud's Top 50, Bobby Blakdout found himself in the thick of EDM's biggest explosion yet. He's since released Hip Hop & Rap singles and a debut album under his alias "Gucci Savage",

Despite all the success, Bobby Blakdout has thus far avoided the pitfalls that often come with being a DJ. More than that, Bobby Blakdout moves differently; no manager and he is completely self released and produced. You could say that Bobby Blakdout operates as a one-man band. When asked if he uses drugs or alcohol he replied "I don’t drink or do recreational drugs. I DO use herbs legally as a MMJ Patient and sadly I chain smoke cigarettes as well."

He claims since he quit drinking years ago he has been able to accomplish much more.

Just hearing Bobby Blakdout talk, it’s clear that he’s keenly aware of the industry as well as his abilities; a self-awareness missing from most of today’s biggest stars. More than that, Bobby Blakdout travels like light wasting no time.

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