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Introducing the all-new Heat Holders® OUTDOOR product range


Heat Holders®—makers of the warmest thermal socks are unveiling a new line of socks created especially for adventurers. Heat Holders® OUTDOOR are designed to thrill!

Recognizing that many of its customers love Heat Holders® because of its versatile use in active outdoor lifestyles, the team designed a sock line specifically geared towards the adventurous. There are many products planned for the OUTDOOR range with two lines launching this year— “Merino” and “Snow Sports”.

The OUTDOOR line features reinforcements for the heel and toe for increased durability at high activity levels. The Merino socks, build upon the best of Heat Holders® with an increase in the warmth, making the worlds warmest socks even warmer and is made with natural fibres— a first for Heat Holders®.

OUTDOOR Snow Sports socks have a thinner “UltraLite” profile with extra length going up the calf to give you maximum comfort and security for any winter sport.

With the introduction of their OUTDOOR range, Heat Holders® continues to demonstrate its customer focus, engineering product to meet the demands and needs of the marketplace.

Heat Holders is best known for its signature line of thermal socks with superior warmth trapping qualities. Tested to have a TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) rating of up to 2.34, Heat Holders® Originals are 7x warmer than cotton socks and almost 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks. The key to Heat Holders® success lies in the advanced thermal yarn, innovative looping techniques, and intense brushing of the material to ensure the maximum amount of warm air is trapped within the product, keeping the user warmer. These specialty techniques are implemented across the board in all that Heat Holders® has to offer from its classic socks, stylish hats and gloves, and newly launched versatile base layers.

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As far as have ever been tested, Heat Holders® are the warmest thermal wear products in the world, offering socks for men, women and children. The brand also offers a range of tights, leggings, hats, and gloves – with further products being developed. More than 15 million pairs have been sold worldwide, with distribution continuing to grow.

Heat Holders® gives back through the Making Life Warmer Project. For those without a home, keeping warm is a daily fight. Heat Holders® is proud to give products to those in need, and help consumers do the same with each purchase made. So far, the company has donated thousands of products in an effort to keep people a little warmer.

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