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Valeri McCarthy Announces New Book Launch for Children

Let’s Go, Milo!’ by Valeri McCarthy is a fun, colorful book perfect for encouraging children to get outside and play, and will be available at Amazon from August 1, 2019.


July 31, 2019 – ‘Let’s Go, Milo!’ is a book for children and it’s packed with full-page illustrations that will help children learn about countless outdoor activities, such as surfing, camping, and rock-climbing. The book is aimed at encouraging and inspiring children to spend more time outdoors and try out some of these adventures.

According to a survey conducted by the National Trust in the U.K., kids today spend only half as much time outside as their parents did when they were young. Virtually all of the one thousand and one parents of children between the ages of four and fourteen who participated in the poll said they believed spending time outdoors was good for kids. However, parents also reported that their kids typically spend only about 4 hours a week outdoors, compared with the more than 8 hours they spent outside when they were young.

Children who spend more time outdoors have better health and social functioning. Most parents are intuitively aware of this, which is why most of them command their kids to “Go outside and play”. A research conducted by the University of Sydney, Australia has confirmed this scientifically. The researchers found that children who were more active outdoors scored higher in terms of social functioning, while those with sedentary lifestyle indoors reported feeling shy and lonely.

In a world of computers and ever-present technology, Let’s Go, Milo! is a breath of fresh air and a brilliant way to encourage children to get out and be active – from snowboarding and scuba diving to ziplining and more. Targeted at ages 0-6, this book is perfect for everything from group reading to bedtime stories and fun for the whole family. Valeri has long been interested in writing and her realization that some children do not develop as fast or in the same way as others inspired her to do something positive to help them.

Her book, ‘Let’s Go, Milo!’ is a colorfully illustrated story that is targeted towards early learners and children who haven’t mastered word recognition and comprehension as quickly as their peers. Using bright drawings to bring out the emotional components and providing an innovative way to engage and connect, the ‘Let’s Go, Milo!’ series provides an extra bit of help for struggling children.

Valeri McCarthy, the author of ‘Let’s Go, Milo!’, is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, biking, and kayaking on Lake Michigan when she is not writing and Illustrating. She spent her childhood in Seymour, Indiana, before she moved on to Pasadena, California, to study art, graphic and website design. She now lives in Traverse City, Michigan, with her husband Tim, and their two dogs, Milo and Gunner. Michigan has so many beautiful lakes, and It’s easy to stay fit when you can swim, canoe, paddleboard, and the winter season offers skiing and snowshoeing.

Her book will be on purchase on the Amazon marketplace from August 1, 2019. Valeri who is also passionate about charity work has said that “proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit two organizations: The Boy and Girls Club of America and The Humane Society of the United States.”

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