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Alpha Cat Releasing Thatched Roof Glass House Album

After an extended hiatus from the music business, Photographer, composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and performer Elizabeth McCullough, aka Alpha Cat, has now returned with a new release, Thatched Roof Glass House (Aquamarine Records).


Elizabeth McCullough, professionally known in the music industry as Alpha Cat, is a woman of many talents. Photographer, composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and performer are merely a few of her many skills. As a professional photographer she began photographing many of New York and New Jersey's (as well as musicians in the Boston and Atlanta areas) up and coming bands, some who later became mainstream artists, and were part of the ever evolving music scene of those days. It was then that Elizabeth McCullough too evolved - from the world of the visual artist to the recording arts world. And what an interesting journey between those two worlds it's been for Alpha Cat.

Beginning to compose her own songs she turned to some of those artists for help and guidance. One of them, Fred Smith, formerly the bassist with Blondie and the band Television, agreed to produce her first two releases. An EP titled Real Boy in 1999 was extremely well received by college radio audiences in both the U.S. and Canada. It was at this point Alpha Cat made the decision to let the photography go and focus on music. Following the Real Boy EP, McCullough and Smith reunited to collaborate on a follow-up CD, Pearl Harbor, in October of 2001. Unfortunately this was in the wake of the 9/11 attacks on America and with an image of a bomb on the cover and the sound effects of a glass building falling down, this CD was eerily prescient. It was not well received initially, for obvious reasons. Upon re-release in February 2002, it did much better, receiving significant airplay on college radio, and winning a couple "Best Of" awards that year.

After an extended hiatus from the music business that began in 2007, due to health related issues, Alpha Cat has now returned with Thatched Roof Glass House (Aquamarine Records). It is her first release in more than a decade and includes seven songs completed with the help of engineer and co-producer Jon Mattox, guitarist Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams, John Mayer), Reggie McBride (Elton John) and Chris Butler (The Waitresses) on bass, Jason Harrison Smith (Albert Lee, Kelly Sweet, Ian Andersen) on drums and co-production, and of course Fred Smith once again returned as co-producer. The album was then mixed and mastered by post-production legend Brett (Cosmo) Thorngren.

August 21st will be the worldwide retail street date for Alpha Cat's third CD. North American radio and press campaigns have already been launched to promote Thatched Roof Glass House. Mainstream Alternative Rock and Triple A radio stations have also been serviced with the single, Mona Lisa In A Comic Book, from this album. Additional personal appearances and other events may be announced in the upcoming weeks. Ms. McCullough's press kit will be provided upon request to all members of the media by contacting the representative listed below. Recently returning from a tour of the United Kingdom she is presently available for interviews and/or appearances. More news, updates and other information about upcoming events may also be found at

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