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Bobby Blakdout Drops his NEW SINGLE "GHOST"

Bobby Blakdout is dropping ANOTHER Riddim/Dubstep track called "GHOST" next Monday, 7/22/19! This single follows up his previous track titled "Immortal" with the final single "Awake" dropping the Monday after that! (7/29/19)

Get ready because Bobby Blakdout has another Riddim/Dubstep track called "GHOST" dropping next Monday, 7/22/19. This single follows up his previous track titled "Immortal" and will be followed by the final single "Awake" dropping the Monday after that!

Once the 3 singles have been released, Bobby Blakdout plans to repack them as an EP called "Can't Kill Bobby Blakdout" with some special surprises!

Bobby's tracks "Ghost" starts off with a creepy melody and intro which include haunting bells paired which an even more haunting vocal chop.
The intro is short as Bobby Blakdout wastes no time getting to the drop which is beyond what any "Basshead" would call heavy.The track touches on melodic aswell as harmonious levels while giving you some of the heaviest bass and high synths you may have ever heard in a Riddim or Dubstep drop.

It will be interesting to see what the third track titled "Awake" will hold in store. For now we will have to wait considering out of the 3 Instagram previews Bobby Blakdout posted, "Awake" which appeared to get the greatest response from fans.

Don't miss "GHOST" dropping 7/22 on ALL PLATFORMS!

You can stream it free on Spotify

or Apple Music OR PREORDER IT on iTunes!!!

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