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FlipHTML5 Launches a Magazine Creator for Individuals and Businesses

FlipHTML5 launched a magazine creator that enables users to create stunning digital magazines integrated with videos, photos, links, sound, music, and much more to improve reader experience.


As digital platforms become popular mediums for marketing, shopping, news, communication, and much more, the need and demand for digital publications also increases. FlipHTML5, the game changer in digital publishing software, has released an intuitive magazine creator for business and personal users. The magazine creator helps enterprises and individuals create interactive, dynamic, and engaging e-magazines incorporated with photos, videos, and other multimedia effects to improve reader experience.

FlipHTML5 provides tools to enable users to communicate with their audiences directly with great flexibility. Using digital magazines, users can tell their stories to readers. FlipHTML5 aims to help individuals and enterprises explore new ways of marketing their products or services to vast audiences and generate more revenue streams. Designing e-magazines for target audiences allows users to effectively showcase their merchandise across platforms.

“We want individuals and entrepreneurs to use the magazine creator for their projects with FlipHTML5 as their marketing platform,” said Winston Zhang, the CEO of FlipHTML5. “We also know that our users want to grow beyond their zones and establish new clientele. FlipHTML5 provides more than just tools; we have the means, the mechanisms, and the avenues to help our users achieve their goals using a single platform.”

The FlipHTML5 team has been working tirelessly to develop cutting edge software for various digital publications, the magazine creator included. Their products are used widely by private and corporate clients, prompting the team to research further and release more upgraded versions of their software. By doing this, FlipHTML5 has preserved their core values and built on their previous experiences to deliver a finely crafted magazine creator, among other software.

Winston Zhang continued, “At FlipHTML5, we understand that big changes have to be made in order to realize the growth of any business venture. Improving our software can be one of the changes. Everything involved in our processes is a milestone; the decisions we make are key to our users' success and accomplishments. If they win, we win too."

FlipHTML5 has integrated loads of features into their magazine creator to allow users the flexibility of adding sound, links, music, videos, and more to help readers comprehend the messages better. Users can simply select the features they need and design their creations they want before publishing and sharing them.

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FlipHTML5 is keeping up its pace as a top-notch software publishing company to introduce the magazine creator for enterprise and personal use. The company empowers its clients to create and publish multiple digital publications on its platform. They also offer 24-hour customer support. For more information, please visit

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