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Global Finance Awards-eBSEG CEEP Omni Channel Digital Banking Platform Solution for Credit Agricole Egypt as Best in Mobile Banking

eBSEG™ CEEP™, the REAL Omni-channel digital banking platform, has been Credit Agricole Egypt’s choice that helped bank to win the Award of Distinction of Global Finance Digital Bank during 2018 as the Best in Mobile Banking in Egypt.


eBSEG™ Customer Experience & Engagement Omnichannel Platform CEEP™ platform has been created around customer-centric design principles and delivers ubiquitous digital experiences, true build once deploy many architecture, across multiple devices and customer touchpoints.

Credit Agricole Egypt was selected based on various criteria: among which was a very important one related to their platform of choice eBSEG™ CEEP™: web/mobile site design and functionality.” Category winners, such as “best in mobile banking” were selected based on the relative strength and success of those products and services” according to Global Finance.

eBSEG™ has been selected as Omni channel solution Partner for Credit Agricole Egypt branch since April 2016 and ever since eBSEG™ has been consulting, designing the solutions and implementing the bank's highly agile plans to implement their Omnichannel platform through the eBSEG™ CEEP™ Omni Channel Technology. It was remarkable how serious the bank and how keen it was to reach the highest level of perfection to provide the highest levels of Digital Banking Services for the users of all digital channels from the bank customers.

This aggressive agile plan of Credit Agricole coincided with eBSEG platform CEEP™ technical capabilities and architecture to implement this type of technology using a unique design and implementation methodology that has been patented by the United States Patent and Trademark office USPTO.

It is worth mentioning that eBSEG CEEP™ Omni Channel Technology has also been a winner of Best Mobile App three years (2015, 2016 and recently in 2018 too) for its Mobile Banking Solution for Bank Saudi Fransi.

Commenting on this award, Amr A Soliman, CEO eBSEG™ said: “We are proud to be recognized as the technology partner, and digital transformation consultant to Credit Agricole Egypt and honored that our client has been selected by Global Finance in two of its categories as most innovative digital bank and best in mobile banking. This 2nd category award is a recognition of our patent platform eBSEG™ CEEP™. Our partnership with Credit Agricole Egypt gave eBSEG™ the opportunity to even take our CEEP™ platform to the next level as both parties were seeking perfection and perfection we had”.

He continued: “It is also with the great vision and leadership of the Credit Agricole Egypt Business and Technology teams and the achieved levels of service to attract, retain digital users, breadth of CA product portfolio, convenience and confidence for digital users that CA team managed to win such prestigious awards”.

He continued: “This award is a great honor, not only for eBSEG™, but also for their network of clients and partners globally that have put their trust in our technology and have supported us throughout the years. We have kept our focus on delivering a true customer centric omni-channel experience, dramatically upgrading the digital transformation of banks and financial institutions across the globe.”

Commenting on their partner of choice eBSEG™’s role Philippe ENJALBAL, Chief Operating Officer at Crédit Agricole Egypt said : “We believed in eBSEG™’s capabilities and technology to deliver a state-of-the-art Mobile app (banki Mobile) for us as they did it before for other clients and their outstanding contribution helped us to get the awards of the most innovative digital bank with best mobile application in Egypt from Global Finance.

We are delighted to partner with eBSEG to bring our customers the best digital banking experience in the market. eBSEG’s solutions helped to further our customers satisfaction in our platform of digital services. This partnership reflects our commitment to empowering our customers with the most secure, innovative proven financial technology. eBSEG have also responded very well to our agile plans of implementation and have delivered to our plans with high cooperation with all our business and technology teams and with high innovation.”

About CEEP™ Omni Digital Channels Platform:

CEEP™ is a Patent based Smart Platform that can provide one single Unified Solution based on one single source code that address all your channels including Web, Mobile, Tablet, Chatbot, ATM, Kiosk, Facebook, Apple Watch, Messaging. CEEP™ Patent gives the answer to the main question a lot of organizations have on how to unify their channels into a single Omni channel Solution and provide their customers the ubiquitous digital experiences, true build once deploys many architectures, across multiple devices and customer touch points. CEEP™ is all about “Lean Portal” output and is built using “widget based architecture”.

The CEEP™ platform/patented approach consists of a set of tools for designing, building, testing, debugging, integrating, deploying and managing consumer and enterprise apps.

About eBSEG:
eBSEG Inc. founded year 2000. A software company focused on platform technologies and Omni Channel customer engagement. We are committed to leading the change globally by helping Financial Institutions serve up amazing customer experience interaction. Our platforms enable organizations to create, manage, and optimize secure Omni-Channel customer interactions and best of all, our platforms are intended for Business Marketing teams that demand agility and flexibility.

After years of research and development, we have created the most agile and flexible C-customer E-experience E-engagement P-platform available in market, its name is CEEP™! The platform makes it easy for organizations to create, coordinate, and manage customer engagement experiences across all channels. It represents the “True - Build Once, Deploy Many” philosophy and defines what Omni-Channel is really about, a perfect experience regardless of the device your customer chooses to engage your organization with. With CEEP, changes to your Omni-Channel presence can be done on the fly, it’s now easy for Marketing business users to be agile in content they want their customers to consume.

CEEP™ can be transformed to fit your business and its customers seamlessly, whether you are a Bank, Credit Union, Insurance provider, Financial Services organization, telco operator or a retailer, CEEP empowers your Marketing prowess to facilitate a meaningful, lasting and powerful relationship with your customers. The platform easily ties in to your back-end systems, transforming legacy and line-of-business applications into powerful and modern medians with which to grow, engage and nurture your customer’s experiences.

It is worth mentioning that CAE mobile banking solution is based on the patent pending award winning platform CEEP ( )

About Credit Agricole Egypt:
Crédit Agricole Egypt is a subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole Group, a market leader in Universal Customer-Focused Banking in France and one of the largest banks worldwide. With operations in around 50 countries, Crédit Agricole Group seeks to serve the real economy by supporting its clients’ projects in all areas of retail banking and associated specialized business lines. Emphasizing its values and commitment, Crédit Agricole Group is the bank of common sense. It puts the satisfaction and the interests of all its customers, employees and shareholders at the heart of its activities.

Established in 2006, Crédit Agricole Egypt has become an active player in Egypt’s financial industry offering a wide range of innovative and convenient products to its clients across the entire spectrum: Corporate, SMEs and individuals. Crédit Agricole Egypt’s key goal is customers’ satisfaction by valuing and prioritizing their best interests Thus, Crédit Agricole Egypt has created specialized segments to cater its customers’ needs by offering the sound advice and tailored financial solutions. Accessibility and customers’ convenience is a priority for Crédit Agricole Egypt that offers a nationwide network of branches and ATMs. Also, the bank is considered as a market leader in terms of electronic services by offering state-of-the-art electronic banking solutions.

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