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Homeless Have Rights Too – Human Rights Seminar on How to Help Homelessness

The United for Human Rights Center is hosting a seminar on how they can help fight homelessness in their communities.


Clearwater, FL – The United for Human Rights (UHR) Florida Center, located at 29 N. Fort Harrison Ave. in Downtown Clearwater, is inviting the public to learn how to combat human rights abuses with a seminar on March 2nd at 1:30pm. It will focus on the local problems of homelessness and how anyone can be a part of the solution.

This seminar is a series of seminars held by the UHR Center with the purpose of empowering the community with the tools necessary on how to help the community solve its problems. You will learn not only what is happening in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties, but what you can do in your community.

In Pinellas County there are nearly 12,000 homeless, and over 1,200 of those are children. Homelessness is just one human rights problem that Florida encounters every day. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says in Human Right #25 that everyone has the right to food and shelter.

“Violations of human rights aren’t only occurring in other countries. They occur in our very own back yards, in our schools, in our neighborhoods, and they occur on a daily basis,” said Cristian Vargas, Executive Director for United for Human Rights Florida. “If you aren’t educated on what to look for, and what to do when you come across it, you are defenseless and vulnerable.”

The UHR Center opened its doors in July of 2015 when the Church of Scientology sponsored its brand new center in the heart of Downtown Clearwater. The Center hosts a variety of seminars, discussions and events to raise awareness on what these human rights mean, and is open every day from 10am to 10pm.

For more information about United for Human Rights or to attend a human rights event, please contact Cristian Vargas at 727-265-7479 or email Follow their social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram UHRFlorida.

United for Human Rights:

United for Human Rights (UHR) is an international non-profit, non-religious educational program based off of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights to inspire them to become advocates for peace and tolerance. Their purpose was inspired by the words of Humanitarian and Scientology Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, who wrote, “Human Rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream.”

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Dylan Pires
503 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL 33755

Phone: 727-467-6860