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York Fine Arts Presents 'All Things Bright'

York's newest exhibition takes the love of contemporary fine art to chromatic new heights.


York Fine Arts is delighted to announce ‘All Things Bright’, a vibrant, mixed exhibition of work that takes the love of contemporary fine art to chromatic new heights. Featuring a bold collection of original paintings by some of the gallery's most popular contemporary artists, including Terence Clarke, Julian Mason, and Terry Evans, the exhibition brings together an exclusive and electrifying selection of work guaranteed to invigorate and inspire.

From cerulean blues to cadmium yellows, ‘All Things Bright’ envelops viewers in a vivid kaleidoscope of colour. In this momentary shift of focus from subject to pigment, the exhibition highlights the raw, organic power of colour and its ability to stimulate the senses, mind and soul. With this renewed appreciation and a refreshed observation, yet another layer of engagement unfolds, unlocking further joy and satisfaction from a single work of fine art.

The exhibition opens at York Fine Arts’ York gallery on Friday, 1st March and runs until Sunday, 24th of March 2019. Due to expected high volume of interest, an early viewing is recommended.

For press enquiries or high resolution images, please telephone Deanna Dawkins on 01904 634221.

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