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Timothy Sansone Introduces a New Novel “Trusting All I Want”

A Male Writer’s Perspective on a Year in the Whirlwind Life of Young Upwardly Mobile Lana Delacroix; Her Conflicted Pursuit of Success, Romance, Friendship and the Emotional Trail She Leaves Behind


Timothy C. Sansone has gone where few men have gone before. A practicing St. Louis attorney, Sansone announces the launch of his new novel, Trusting All I Want, recounting a whirlwind year in the life of 22 year-old college student and social riser Lana Delacroix and her story of love, relationships, boundaries, and painful choices, all told from a male writer’s perspective.

The first in a series, Trusting All I Want is available in paperback, e-book, Kindle, and hardcover at, and other book sellers.

Set primarily in a tony urban area of Chicago, with characters and events taking in place in St. Louis, Trusting All I Want focuses on the beautiful and confident Delacroix and her relationship with successful attorney Tom Edwards, his girlfriend and IT executive Jill Nguyen, and Rudy Santana, a college friend and former lover of Delacroix and the driving force behind a local startup company. Each has their own goals and desires. Each with their own personality type. Each impacted differently by Lana’s take-no-prisoners approach to life.

The story unfolds as Delacroix accompanies Santana to a business event. There she meets the dapper Edwards, a 40ish partner in a law firm. Tom is in a long-term live-in relationship with Jill Nguyen but is captivated by the younger, attractive, and outgoing Delacroix. The two agree to have dinner. That encounter unleashes a series of events that tests the resolve of all four involved and brings a history of fear, conflict, and despair to the surface. The result shows the risks and rewards of trusting fully in our desires.

“Over the years I have met many successful women and have shared in their dreams, hopes, and aspirations. It was time to tell the story of one of them in the form of Lana Delacroix in Trusting All I Want, and the impact she has on her relationships, family, and friends as she begins her ascent on the ladder of success,” Sansone said.

“In lieu of a romance novel, I wanted to bring together four separate personality types within the genre of women’s fiction. Readers will recognize similar people in their own lives. Those that are avoidant and guarded yet highly desired, those who are anxious and afraid of losing someone, those secure in their own space who respect boundaries, and those totally fixated and obsessed with others. Trusting All I Want brings them all together and details what can happen when divergent and strong personalities collide.”

Sansone is a St. Louis attorney who through his writing shows what happens when worldly characters come together. He counts many women of courage, strength, dignity, intelligence, and independence as colleagues, friends, and family. These are women who reject expectations of who does what for whom, recognizing that life’s unique opportunities and beauty can come in many forms and in unexpected ways. Some of these women have inspired his writing and their unique voices sometimes echo in his characters’ words and deeds. As a lawyer who focuses on complex litigation, Tim regularly works on cases in which the stakes are high, the facts of the situation are nuanced, and both sides have dug in. Relationships often have the same characteristics, whether they involve work, family, or romance. Their success or failure rides on both logic and emotion, as well as how different personalities and life experiences intertwine or diverge. In the end, both cases and relationships are about people’s stories. And Tim enjoys telling those stories to judges and juries in the “real world” as much as he enjoys creating those stories for readers in the fiction he writes. For more visit

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