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Ultisky Real Estate Holdings Match Real Estate Investments To Best Hard Money Lenders

Best alternatives to find hard money lending sources and close real estate investment deals for renovations in 10 days.


(Atlanta, GA) - Need fast financing solutions for real estate investment deals? Hard money lenders offer an alternative solution as opposed to using conventional lenders such as banks. Ultisky Real Estate Holdings "UREA" today announced an expansive network of hard money lenders to match real estate investment projects needing better renovation financing options for a fix and flip or buy and hold investment. Citing that UREA has partnered with over 50 of the best hard money lenders in the nation to source up to $50 Million Dollars for real estate renovation projects.

UREA was launched in 2016 by current Director Kyle Ransom. The purpose of UREA is to fulfill a void in the real estate investing and hard money lending marketplace. Kyle Ransom is a former U.S. Navy War Veteran who served under secret clearance with over 20 years of experience in real estate finance and investing. In addition, Ransom is also a former mortgage broker with over 16 years of experience servicing real estate investor clients. He has closed more than $100 Million Dollars in real estate finance transactions. Ransom is a seasoned real estate professional with a strong background in real estate finance, property management, and real estate investing.

"Our goal is to assist real estate investors by matching them to the best hard money lender source that fits their specific renovation project funding needs," stated Kyle Ransom.

According to their website UREA is not a one size fits all solution to hard money lenders. As experts with hard money lender partnerships, they can plug into a variety of loan programs that fit specific real estate investment business needs for project renovations. Assisting real estate investors with better funding sourcing when it comes to renovation projects to fix and flip or buy and hold. Providing a unique hard money lending strategy for real estate investors to receive the ultimate return on their investments.

UREA connects real estate investors to their network of hard money lenders that can offer a 10-day close timeline. Where traditional banks generally take much longer and real estate investors need to move faster to close deals or they can lose out.

Advantages of hard money lenders are that the loan is a short-term loan which is secured by real estate. Typically, the hard money lender is not concerned about credit scores, where the property value mainly determines the approval for funding.

UREA match real estate investors to hard money lenders that have over $50 million dollars to lend in the United States for:

- Residential Single-Family Homes.

- Residential Multifamily Properties (Duplexes, Triplexes, Quads).

- Small Commercial Multi-Family (Purchase and Rehabs).

UREA can offer:

- Short Term Financing for the Purchase and Rehab of Single-Family Properties.

- Long Term Financing for Single Properties and Portfolios of Single-Family Rentals.

- Purchase or Refinance 5+ Unit Properties with Rehab Short Term, Interest-Only Financing.

Every deal is considered different and customized to meet the renovation project needs, so contact UREA directly to discuss all real estate investment solutions. There is never any upfront cost associated to work with UREA. All fees and costs are disclosed upon loan acceptance and approval.

To pre-qualify and determine the best financing options please visit the secure site at:

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