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FreeLIMS Launches New Version of its LIMS

FreeLIMS launches new version of its LIMS Software for biobanks, clinical, research & testing laboratories to facilitate them in streamlining operations.


San Francisco, California – Feb 12, 2019, FreeLIMS announces the release of a new version of its free Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), FreeLIMS. The new version, with a host of new features, is now even more useful for biobanks, clinical, research, and testing laboratories, enabling them to streamline their operations by eliminating manual errors, improving data quality, decreasing turnaround time, and enhancing productivity.

FreeLIMS has all the core functionality required by small and medium laboratories looking to automate their operations without a dent on their budgets. The new version allows managing your laboratory’s day-to-day operations efficiently thereby, increasing productivity and improving data quality.

The new and improved features are:
Attribute copying ability from parent to aliquot
Pool samples to create derivative or aliquots
Dispose parent samples associated with aliquots or derivatives
Configure formula for calculations
Configuration of analyte groups & flagging sets is now improved
Import test results of samples tested for multi-analytes
Select analytes of interest while entering test results
Generate test report in MS Excel file format
Validate test results
Track test turnaround time
Manage test results of quality control (QC) samples to identify analytical errors
Enhanced side menu navigation
Improved sorting functionality
Intuitive dashboard

To get a license, sign-up on and start using FreeLIMS today!

About FreeLIMS

Established in 2015, FreeLIMS is an energetic team producing cloud-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to facilitate laboratories seamlessly manage their data and automate their laboratory workflows. For more information, please visit:

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