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2019-02-05 Print Reveals Content Marketing Strategies To Sell Luxury Real Estate

Luxury real estate with multimillion-dollar price tags are not selling, luxury content marketing and digital content marketing expert site offer solutions.


(Atlanta, GA) - Are you a real estate developer with a mega multimillion-dollar property you can't seem to move? Riding high from the recent Manhattan penthouse being sold for a record $238 Million and crowned the most expensive home ever sold in the United States. Today, announced content marketing strategies to sell more luxury real estate faster. A solution to offer property developers in areas like New York, LA, Atlanta, and Miami with luxury real estate inventory that isn't selling content marketing strategies.

In 2018, over half of the luxury properties in Manhattan with a price tag of $4 Million or more sold for reduced discounts within the beginning five months. A common problem where many real estate developers in the United States continue to lower their original pricing offers, all in hopes of selling luxury properties faster in the marketplace.

According to CR Cataunya Ransom, Co-founder of MC luxury real estate needs a content marketing strategy makeover. She says that luxury agents and brokers are using distasteful gimmicks to attract buyers that don't work. MC's website is over a decade old and focuses on content marketing for luxury. Assisting luxury brands, PR firms, content marketing agencies, luxury brand ambassadors, and more.

MC creates content marketing and digital content marketing campaigns by conducting data science research for anticipating and meeting a potential luxury buyer's need to gain information.

Ransom explains content marketing as a form of marketing that is created to attract prospects through influential publishing credibility and transform prospects into loyal customers. Revealing that the information offered must also be considered sharable valuable content at no charge to the person receiving it.

Content marketing strategies can help to sell luxury real estate by:

Attracting and generating leads from qualified prospects.

Selling more luxury properties.

Expanding a loyal luxury property buyer network.

An advantage of using content marketing is that through these types of strategies a property developer can build trust and rapport with desired target audiences. Content marketing presents a brand awareness experience that does not involve direct sales. The luxury offering comes later, however, the information provided is matched to the need of the prospect. Making it much easier to close the deal and get the luxury property sold faster.

To hire MC to assist with luxury real estate projects rates start at $2,750 per month or $3,750 flat rate projects. For a confidential complimentary consultation please contact or call (404) 806-0548.

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