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ITExams Adds Exams for Prospective Nurses in Abu Dhabi

ITExams has always offered the best range of past exam questions from vendor exams in the United States and a few other countries.


ITExams has always offered the best range of past exam questions from vendor exams in the United States and a few other countries. Now the service is branching out to areas such as Abu Dhabi, including questions from the HAAD-RN and other exams that prospective nurses must take to work in the city.


The HAAD-RN is a required test for registered nurses who are hoping to work in Abu Dhabi. It is administered by the Health Authority - Abu Dhabi, or HAAD. Even if someone has a certification from a nearby country or a place like the United States, they will have to take and pass the HAAD-RN if they want to work in Abu Dhabi.

Exam Dumps

The HAAD-RN is just one of many exams that are available on the ITExams site for people who work in fields such as healthcare or information technology. Someone who is getting ready to take a standardized test will know they can visit the site to get real and verified past test questions from those exams.

The reason why ITExams is different from other exam dump sites is because of its verification system. Professionals and industry leaders review every question before it goes up on the site. If there are HAAD-RN exam questions for nurses on the site, it means they have been verified by people who have inside knowledge about the exam.

Community Assistance and Other Premium Features

The company offers free access to its exam materials, but also has premium features that users may want to leverage. For instance, the Community Assistance feature is one of the most popular on the site.

It allows for a question discussion section that is right below every single question that is put up on the site. And anyone who has a free account on the site can comment, showing others how they arrived at the correct answer. It is an excellent way to not only understand the right answer, but know how to arrive at it.

Another premium feature is the ability to tweak past test questions into the format of a practice exam. With a timer, prospective test takers will be able to assess their ability to handle a number of questions under the pressure of the clock.

ITExams is the number one place to get access to past test materials for IT and healthcare exams. Now it is a useful destination for prospective nurses in Abu Dhabi who must take the HAAD-RN test.

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