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Unsafe Britain: Survey Results Reveal Nearly Half of Homes Without Security

A recent survey undertaken by security retailer All About Safes has revealed nearly half of the British public have no security measures in place for their property.


Crime resolution rates have fallen to record lows as incidences of burglary continue to climb. Figures from 2018 showed that only 5% of burglaries were solved by police, down from 10% in 2017, while the number of break-ins has seen a steady rise.

In light of this domestic security crisis, All About Safes surveyed the British public to establish what methods of security were in place across private property. The data, collected from 935 respondents, revealed that 44% of homes have no security at all.

The survey demonstrates a colossal vulnerability in British housing at a time when police budget cuts leave the number of officers working in law enforcement as low as during 1970s austerity. Now is the time for the public to take steps to secure their homes as security issues only worsen.

“We’ve seen dramatic increases in domestic property break-ins while fewer crimes are being solved each year,” comments security expert Dean Ryan from All About Safes. “The British public need to start taking their home security seriously. Personal responsibility is becoming a real factor in the safety and retention of valuables.”

For those who do have security, the survey revealed that:

- Alarm systems were most common, at 26%
- This was followed by dogs and security lights, both at 22%
- Only 17% of people used CCTV cameras or video monitoring, despite the technology being reported as the most effective deterrent
- 11% of properties are now equipped with smart security tech
- As few as 9% secure their valuables within a safe.

“Our research shows just 3% of British homes have extensive security coverage including all the standard measures.” Dean Ryan added. “Many domestic properties are not prepared for rising threats of home invasion and burglary. With the average burglary incurring costs of £2800 worth of damage and theft, bolstering security really is the smart decision.”

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