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Innovative Smart Home Technology Business Comes to Chattanooga

Home technology installation company is opening in Chattanooga, TN.


Remember that futuristic cartoon, The Jetsons? There was a lot to love about that quirky, utopian world filled with cool tech designed to make daily domestic life that little bit easier. Doors opened at your bidding. Any entertainment option you could hope for was available at the twist of a funky retro dial.

We’re getting close to seeing a lot of these things happen!

A brand new genre of technological wizardry known as “smart home tech” has emerged—from home theater, to smart thermostats, to networked home entertainment—all networked via home WiFi.

A 2018 survey of the US tech market found that nearly six in ten US consumers believe that smart home technology has the potential to change their lives within the next few years.

On February 2nd, Michael Pemberton, a local technology enthusiast and businessman, will bring a local home technology franchise to Chattanooga—Home Technology Pros.

“My 91-year-old grandmother uses an iPad,” Michael said, describing his excitement about starting a home tech business. “She is an example that every single person is our potential customer. She doesn't understand how this technology works but it doesn't matter, she doesn't have to.”

The key to making home technology this accessible, Michael believes, is building a business which combines several tech services into one approachable, all-encompassing service.

“If it’s technology, we want to help you install it, maintain it, learn to use it. We want smart home technology which actually make lives simpler, more secure and more enjoyable—all at the same time. And we think we can make that happen.”

This is why Michael believes Home Technology Pros is the best franchise to bring that Jetsons-like magic to Chattanooga.
“Home Technology Pros are experts at follow-up and support. They’re only a phone call away and are great at making sure everything continues to work as the customer expects.”

Based in California, Home Technology Pros is a rapidly growing smart home technology installation company. They provide homeowners and businesses with reliable, high value technology products and services including home control, home theater, home networking, house audio, security & alarm systems, boardroom automation and more.

Home Technology Pros will open its doors for business in Chattanooga on February 2nd, 2019.

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