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Proov Highlights How Women Now Have the Ability to Test Their Progesterone Levels in the Comfort of Their Home


MFB Fertility, Inc., the pioneering company empowering women to know more about their reproductive health, is excited to announce their marque product, Proov® rapid response urine progesterone test strips, will showcase for the first time at the CES 2019. Attendees are invited to stop by Booth #44259 to learn more about Proov and how it’s changing the way women monitor their hormones. Proov was recently named a finalist in the 2019 Babylist Best of Baby Tech Awards under the category Fertility & Pregnancy.

Founder and CEO of MFB Fertility and creator of Proov, Amy Beckley, developed the product after three years of infertility and seven miscarriages. When Beckley wanted to have another baby, she started looking for alternatives to IVF and was astonished how little she really knew about her own reproductive health. Taking her PhD in Pharmacology and her passion to help others, she developed Proov which assisted her to have her second child – naturally.

The Proov® technology allows women to track their progesterone in three easy steps. Women collect their first morning urine, dip one of the test strips into the urine and wait five minutes for the results on progesterone levels and confirm ovulation has occurred. Progesterone is the hormone critical for ovulation, conception and pregnancy and it is the only hormone released after ovulation. Proov is the only at-home urine kit on the market that can measure your progesterone levels and confirm ovulation. Proov is FDA Registered and one pack of 7 strips retails for $39.99 and 21 strips for $89.99.

“We are beyond thrilled to exhibit at CES this year and showcase our Proov progesterone test strips for the very first time. I hope by spreading the word about Proov, more women become educated on the importance of progesterone, a female hormone critical to fertility and general wellness,” said Proov creator, Amy Beckley. “For women trying to conceive, it can often be a very emotional, stressful and sometimes expensive process, but with the help of Proov, I personally believe it can empower women to make well-informed decisions for their family planning.”

In other exciting news, Proov was also selected as a finalist in the P&G Ventures CES Innovation Challenge, a competition aimed at identifying the next billion dollar brand. Women going through menopause experience a variety of debilitating symptoms due to hormonal imbalances. Understanding which hormones are out of balance will allow for optimal treatments plans. Since low progesterone levels is the most common cause of these hormone imbalances, Proov Test can allow women to monitor their hormones and better alleviate the symptoms associated with menopause. Beckley will pitch the product to the P&G Ventures leadership team on Thursday, January 10 at 10:30AM at P&G Life Lab, Sands Expo Hall B Booth #42131. The winner will receive $10,000, qualify as a finalist in a Techstars® accelerator and be invited to the EY Strategic Growth Forum.

CES 2019 will be held from January 8-11, 2019, at the Sands Expo Las Vegas, located at 201 Sands Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169. Attendees are invited to stop by Booth #44259 in the Baby Tech area to learn more about Proov. For more information on the CES, please visit For more information on Proov, please visit


About MFB Fertility, Inc.
Founded in 2016, MFB Fertility Inc. is on a mission to empower women to know more about their reproductive health. The marquee product, Proov®, is the first of its kind rapid response urine progesterone test strips that can be administered in the comfort of their home. Progesterone is a female hormone critical for ovulation, conception and maintaining a pregnancy. With Proov, women can confirm ovulation and accurately track their progesterone levels in minutes. Don't just predict ovulation, Proov it! For more information on Proov, please visit

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