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Augustine Tours invites you to connect with locals through small group tours in Africa

Augustine Tours was founded with a unique aim to provide private tours & corporate trips to Africa inspired by a quote from St. Augustine” The World is a book and those who don’t travel only ready one page”.


Augustine Tours has thrilled the world with its recent announcement of its new office in Germany, under the motto, “Travel a channel for socioeconomic exchange.”

According to Mr. Ndikuriyo, the managing director, travel could be an excellent channel for African exchange with the world. Whether people travel for leisure or business, there’s always a sense of cultural or socio-economic exchange in one way or another, he added.

For anyone looking for unique travel experience, they are invited to join their private and small group tours. This can be an opportunity to interact with the locals while enjoying breathtaking landscapes and wildlife activities offering conveying a genuine value of holiday in Africa.

A favorite 15 Day All Inclusive Uganda Rwanda Burundi Tour is being offered at €4272 per person through April 2019.

The staff has the ability to utilize multiple languages like English, French, and German.
The tour programs are flexible and can always be adjusted according to the preferences and needs of clients.

For any interest in private tours & corporate trips to Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda, the company can be reached out via email or telephone.

Email :
Telephone :
+49 157 869 70 918 ( Germany)
+250 785 062 493 (Rwanda)

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Augustine Tours
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Phone: +250 785 062 493